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Armband of waist belt

Now the warmer weather is coming and I’m doing more outdoor running, what’s the general feeling towards arm bands or waist belt for carrying phone and keys?

I’ve been using my jacket pocket but I ran on Friday and I was sweltering in the jacket, but couldn’t strip it as I had no alternative to carry stuff.

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I use a flip belt in the warm weather.

There are plenty of brands to choose from, I did try a cheaper one off Amazon, but that didn't work for me. 😊


Was just looking at the Flipbelt, looks great, unless you lose weight and your body shape changes, then you have to buy a new one. Would better if adjustable.


If weight loss is a plan you are probably right😊


Freeto are great belts and not too pricey! Works wonderfully...


I’ll take a look at these.


Do you really want something tight & sweaty on your arm? Thought not. Adjustable flip belt is the answer. Try and get 2 pockets: one for phone & the other for keys to prevent scratches.

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I too have a flipbelt, the one with a zip pocket.

It was recommend to me by a lady at work that does a lot of running. I really like mine.

It carries my keys, mobile phone, tissues and money (Just in case my run ends near a shop or the chippy 😂)


Love that reply 😂 !


Hi I'm on week 5 and have been using a arm band for phone etc and bought a key safe for outside the house for keys so I don't have to run with them. The arm band is doing my head in. Work's loose and needs re adjusting. I have promised myself if I manage to keep going on this plan to buy a decent waist band which I have heard are great for runners and you can store everything in them.


I’ve been considering something like this for a while - currently using leggings pockets - not great for phone access when it’s at the back 🙄😜

Someone recommended something called Freetrain F1 vest. Looks interesting and comparable to flip belt price at the moment. Still thinking about it.

Let us know what you decide and how you get on 😊👍🏻🏃🏽‍♀️


Ok as a women (not sure of gender and don’t want to offend 😊 and have seen men wearing them ) I would highly recommend Lucy locket loves activefit leggings as they have a

Pocket in the waistband which is big enough for phone and a key x they do not fall down or move at all whilst running x


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