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Oh my! What a challenge. I have started sprinting to W1. 1 min sprint and 90 seconds walking. I got halfway through and could barely run my normal pace! So I walked home and will take the dog for a nice long walk too! I just checked it on Mapmyrun. If I could keep the sprint going for a mile I would do one in 8:40min. I didn't think I could move that fast! My average is 11:30min. I will keep doing this and aim to do W2 and W3 the same!

Also for those of you who enjoyed my last adventure on parkrun... My new sports bra is great!!! Different brand to normal and It's a bit tight as I am loosing weight so didn't want one that would be baggy in three weeks!

Also I'm doing hip circles between the warm up walk and runs as my hip was achy after parkrun. It feels fine today! So this is the way forward!

Happy running all



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  • Don't overdo it now!!!! :) I will be doing this interval training (based on W1D1) one day a week for quite a few weeks before I think of going further with it. And my thought is to do it as fast as I can for each minute -- but still be able to complete the eight repeats. The idea being to attempt to improve my stamina - stamina being defined as speed plus/with endurance.

  • I won't be changing up for some time! I really enjoyed it though. Thanks for the advice!

    S X

  • I must try this again. I did a couple of months ago & found it helped, especially when I didn't have time to go out for a longer run.

  • I will be doing it again this morning - I did an hour long "long run" a couple of days ago and still feeling the effect of it - probably could do with another rest day - however I am still going to do a short 30 minutes this morning 10 minutes warmup/cooldown walk and 20 mins of fastish 1/1.30 intervals. Hopefully I will feel more in the mood than right now after I warm up?? :(

  • Sounds good to me.

  • Back from the Interval training. I try to go as fast as I can during each minute -- such as to actually finish each minute and also finish the 8 repeats. I am only just able to complete both at the pace I am doing. It is a real stretch for me -- but I think it is good as it forces me to firstly go faster than I did during C25K and I am also trying to lengthen my stride (maybe even a bit too much - but hoping that when I run a bit more normally, some of that extra stride length may get incorporated into my run by my legs/body :) ) Anyway - I am still alive to tell the story -- no heart attacks yet!!

  • Sounds like you've found something that really works for you. Personally, I now find intervals get in the way for me and make matters worse - but we are all individuals and sooner of later we find our own pace and what works best for us. Good luck with your interval training and very best wishes.

  • Fitmo

    Not sure what you mean by "get in the way" ? If you just treat an interval session as a separate thing to anything else that you are doing --eg just go out and do a 20 minute session of 8x 1 minute runs and 1&1/2 minute rests, where you run the 1 minute runs much faster than you normally run. I am not sure how that could interfere with anything else that you are doing. But what it does do is show our body that it can do more than what we have been doing - speedwise.

  • There is no reason for you to 'know what I mean' since my comment was not addressed to you in the first place. May I suggest you get on with what suits you and respect my right to know what suits me. I have twice today received a comment from you in my inbox and would appreciate it if I did not receive any more.

  • You have received notification of my postings -- because you have participated in a thread here that I also have participated in. However, I will in future ignore any of your postings -- I am only trying to be helpful here and can do without your crabbiness myself!!

  • That sounds like a good idea. I can't seem to sprint at all. Little legs just look like they are doing a cartoon spin in the air and not getting anywhere fast in the process. :-D

  • It doesn't have to be a "sprint" -- just a series of shortish runs at a much faster pace than you normally do on longer runs (with suitable rests in between) .

  • That's the thing I can't run fast at all, let alone sprint. When I try to, it's as if I'm going to fall over.

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