c25k Completed!

Just finished the couch to 5k - via the app. I looked at a few of the weeks to see what was in store and i really didnt think I would complete all the days , thankfully I pushed through them all. Did the 1st 6 weeks on the treadmill, and then the last lot outside ( all be it at night and in freezing temperatures) found running outside was a lot easier.

Didnt think i would acheive the end result as am over 22stone and didnt think joints etc would take it. I had some aches around my shins, so I spend 20 mins or so really stretching out the legs muscles, which really did help me through it.

Think the only advice I give and is to stretch those legs as much as possible pre and post run, i favoured this guy on youtube ( hope its allowed to post link)

Im moving on to 10k next week, giving myself the week off :)

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  • Congratulations - it's a great feeling isn't it! Happy running.

  • Congratulations!!! :-)

  • Well done, great achievement. There is a 10k forum which is very friendly too. I graduated around 15 weeks ago and found following a programme straight after C25K was a bit too much too soon (my knees were not happy) so I kept doing 3 x30 mins, then 3 X 5k and then on good run days added a little distance. I still think 3 run days is best and if my legs were OK on a run and also recovered well, I ran a little further. If I had some aches I held back a little until I felt good to do more. Julie

  • Hooray! Happy graduation. It's great you have the indoor and outdoor experience. It's nice to switch things up when needs be. Keep posting, looking forward to hearing what you're up to.

  • Well done Ellie, many Congratulations to you on your Graduation ! :-) xxx

  • Hey CONGRATULATIONS!! It is a real achievement :) Be sure and celebrate in some way. I didn't think I'd manage it either Ellie.

  • started 10k training 2day, day 1 5wu 10r 1w 10r 1w 10r 1w 10r 5wd. No real issues so I was quite happy. Treated myself to some Bluetooth earphones and heart monitor watch

    πŸ˜† thanks for your replies

  • so another run, getting used to this app, but having problems working out my pace whilst running, it shows average pace ofc, but; this includes the 5 mins warm up walk and the 5 post run ( tonight was like 7 mins warm down to get home as i ran through 2 of my scheduled stops, not through my choice, 10k app didnt let me know when to walk for 1) what are you guys running at, as far as i can tell im going around 4.8mph/7.7kmh . I know its slow, but if i go faster i get out of breath, I would say running longer is better than running faster right ? think this link will work, should show last run endomondo.com/users/1483056...

  • Elli that's about the same average speed as I'm doing. See my posts I usually post a screens shot after workouts.

    I'm after a watch too and looking at either the TomTom cardio music or the garmin forerunner 225 as they have built in hrm. What did you get? Paul

  • i got a karrimor watch basic one, with chest strap, at that pace im at 150-60. I currently using my mobile in a armband with blue tooth earphone, along with endomondo app and 10k app, takes me ages to get ready, wife laughs at me with all me gadgets on :D

  • Cool and I was a bit confused when elli became Richard lol

  • ah, its just the 1st part of email address :)

  • Well done Ellie. Fantastic achievement. Good luck with your next goal.

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