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Week 4 run 1- tired legs or pulled muscle


So was getting anxious to do today's run - the only time I've not looked forward to it - seemed like a massive jump from last week. Managed the 3 minutes and felt chuffed,weirdly even managed the first 5 min run , and then felt a pain in my left leg on the outside of my calf- made me limp ! Felt so upset rang hubby who said to walk slowly home. I did, and after a while the pain has subsided. It felt like a pulled muscle, and did make me limp. I'm so annoyed as I was doing really well - am just wondering if that's happened to anyone else, wish I'd kept going now !!

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Don't wish you had kept going, you still got out there! If you had kept going, it may have got worse. What used to make me give up on runs was getting terrible stitches that were so painful I'd have to stop. I'd just take it really gently next time and don't beat yourself up! Always better to look after yourself than push too hard and hurt yourself further :) It's probably a one time passing injury if you just pulled a muscle. Give it some rest and don't let it get you down!

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