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First runs on a holiday!

I'm just back from a week in Tenerife. Fantastic holiday with lovely weather (25c with virtually unbroken sunshine) and food. We went whale and dolphin spotting and saw both.

I also got up promptly on three mornings and ran, which was a new and enjoyable experience. One thing, though - it was really harsh on my legs! I don't know what it was, but after each run (but mostly the first) my legs felt numb and tingly. It felt like the impact on my legs from each stride was really stinging. I'm wondering if it was the hardness of the ground - there's a lot of ceramic tiling on the pavements, and of course the land is volcanic rock, with little or no soil. Also, there was a lot of up and down hills involved. And a lot of sweat - it's warm there!

Has anybody else experienced something like this?

If you're interested, this was my last run - down to the seafront and along it....

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When I went to Lanzarote I thought it was different but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was..and with it being 28deg I stopped running while on holiday..


I made sure I was out at about 8AM, before the heat developed. Still a bit warm, though!


I envy your sunshine holiday 😊 you must be a bit cold now mind you. Still, you'll soon be back to normal

You could rest up a bit to get over your flights and allow your legs some rest. Don't ignore the niggles. Seriously, I would have several days off. You could swim instead ☺

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Just back from an eleven miler with the running club! My legs feel ok, if a little tired now. I think the niggles are under control, though I'll be deploying the foam roller shortly!


Welcome back Steve !

Sounds fantastic :-)

Coupla days rest and then you should be good to go , take your wellies ! :-) xxx


Nothing like a bit of winter sunshine to set you up for the chill back home in Blighty. Hope your legs are feeling better soon. Reckon MissW is right, don't ignore the niggles, rest up until things are back to normal :)


I ran in Tenerife last March and yes it was hilly and hot so I know what you mean! But it's fab to run somewhere so different isn't it? And you can just jump in the pool afterwards!

Sorry I don't know what could cause your symptoms. But hopefully they've eased off a bit now.


Yes, it was great. The feeling in my legs didn't last that long after the runs, so I don't think any damage was done. They coped with 11 miles today without distress.


Don't overdo it Steve! Wags finger