Starting w9 and wondering how far will I run

Hi everyone, I've been enjoying C25K so much (except for some calf pain which has fortunately stopped) and about to start week 9 tomorrow. Not worried, but sure I can do it, because it's just 2 minutes more than previous week. I'm intrigued about distances. I haven't got a clue what distances I have been running, and would like to know how far off will I be from 5K, but unfortunately I'm not very good with technical stuff or maybe just dumb. I would be grateful for some advice. I'm running with my iPhone.

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  • I started week 9 today, actually felt like a runner, I managed 2.6 miles, I am still a bit slow but felt really comfortable with the run. I've started wondering what I do once this finishes, maybe aiming for that 5k x

  • You could try using runkeeper on your phone, that's what I use to record runs. It uses GPS to track your runs, and tells you you time distance and pace every 5 mins. And it's free!

  • Another vote for the Runkeeper app here. Simple to use and gives you all you need.

    Good luck with week 9!

  • It doesn't matter. Forget it for now. You can concentrate on stats once you've graduated ☺

  • Download Runkeeper or Map my Run, free and very easy to use! Just press Start Workout and then when u finish, end workout. It will tell u how far you ran, speed too. I have mine set to tell me every time I run 1 km and every 5 minutes. If you are running for 30 mins at a steady speed, I would guess you are covering between 3-4 kms.

    You could even run on after 30 mins on day 3, nice and steady u til you reach 5 kms, would take you up to 45 mins, if you feel brave.

    I graduated with a 5km parkrun and I'm not super fit. Up to u of course

  • Thank you so much for your comments, downloaded Runkeeper app and it shows that I only covered 3,6 km on w9r2. Probably shouldn't think too much about it, misswobble is right. I will run that 5K somehow and some day, hopefully soon !

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