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Starting w9 and wondering how far will I run

Hi everyone, I've been enjoying C25K so much (except for some calf pain which has fortunately stopped) and about to start week 9 tomorrow. Not worried, but sure I can do it, because it's just 2 minutes more than previous week. I'm intrigued about distances. I haven't got a clue what distances I have been running, and would like to know how far off will I be from 5K, but unfortunately I'm not very good with technical stuff or maybe just dumb. I would be grateful for some advice. I'm running with my iPhone.

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I started week 9 today, actually felt like a runner, I managed 2.6 miles, I am still a bit slow but felt really comfortable with the run. I've started wondering what I do once this finishes, maybe aiming for that 5k x


You could try using runkeeper on your phone, that's what I use to record runs. It uses GPS to track your runs, and tells you you time distance and pace every 5 mins. And it's free!


Another vote for the Runkeeper app here. Simple to use and gives you all you need.

Good luck with week 9!


It doesn't matter. Forget it for now. You can concentrate on stats once you've graduated ☺


Download Runkeeper or Map my Run, free and very easy to use! Just press Start Workout and then when u finish, end workout. It will tell u how far you ran, speed too. I have mine set to tell me every time I run 1 km and every 5 minutes. If you are running for 30 mins at a steady speed, I would guess you are covering between 3-4 kms.

You could even run on after 30 mins on day 3, nice and steady u til you reach 5 kms, would take you up to 45 mins, if you feel brave.

I graduated with a 5km parkrun and I'm not super fit. Up to u of course


Thank you so much for your comments, downloaded Runkeeper app and it shows that I only covered 3,6 km on w9r2. Probably shouldn't think too much about it, misswobble is right. I will run that 5K somehow and some day, hopefully soon !


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