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Getting back into it after knee injury


Hi, I was well into running last year having completed the c25k programme. Then the summer school holidays came and things got a bit out of sync. Then the kids went back to school and I started randomly but hurt my knee probably as I over did it. After a couple of months of swimming and getting it strong I am now ready to run again. Anyone else had a big break due to injury? I don't want to start at the beginning of the programme again, I am fitter than the first time. Any suggestions on where to start to prevent injury but get back on form quickly? Thanks Jodie

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I have just started running again this last week for the same reason and started at week 5 absolutely fine. I have also decided I am only going to run twice a week and then do a good session of something else. E.g. Today short run to yoga, hour dynamic yoga class, short run home. Good luck!


Why not just go out for a gentle run and see how you do. You can mix it up with some walk breaks and that will give you a feel for where to start back on the programme. Just take it steady!


Must admit.. I started from scratch after an Achilles tendon injury in the Spring..even though I felt fairly fit, after regular swimming classes and regular cycling... I felt just better to start slowly and take it gently...(mind you I am an old grey snail) I started again in October and graduated the week before Christmas.. no damage done :)

I am sure if you follow the excellent advice from the seasoned runners on here you will be just fine! Good Luck!


I started from scratch again after breaking my ankle and just loved it. I could work harder second time around and finished faster and stronger than I was first time around. You may not *need* to start from the beginning but you might benefit from it in the end. Your choice, but don't dismiss it out of hand :)

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