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Running without Laura but with new shoes!

I graduated on Boxing day so I treated myself to new shoes - Asics gel cumulus. Yesterday was my first run with them and they did feel odd and soft compared with my old (cheap but cheerful) shoes. So I did a slow 20 minute run and the calf pain I had for the last couple of runs did not re-occur so was happy with that.

This morning I decided to start the New year with another easy run as this is the first time I have run consecutive days. So I did 1.5 miles in 20 minutes, not fast but as there are hills so some bits were slower than others :)

It was very cold and quiet and about half the cars which passed me bipped their horns, I am going to assume it was meant positively as it normally doesn't happen, and put it down to support for an energetic start to the year.

The new shoes felt great today as I was used to the extra padding and I ended the run with very happy feet and legs, a bit tired but not exhausted and no pains anywhere.

So a rest day tomorrow and all being well a longer run on Sunday.

Happy New Year to all and keep on running :)

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Happy new shoes! We require a pic please so we may drool adoringly. T'is the law around here!☺

Well done on the run too. Great start to the New Year!! ☺

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Well I am a bit repressed when it comes to shoes so they are not that exciting. just black with black, lol x


The car drivers were obviously impressed by your stamina and your new shoes! :)

Happy New Year!

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