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I am really out of shape and I rarely exercise.

I really want to change that and to slowly get into shape. I am planning to walk for at least half an hour every day at normal rate to start with, I have my wii fit which I plan to start using in the next few days, I know I can do sit ups and press ups though my muscles are quite weak to do this.

I also plan on free dancing, I have a salsa workout dvd, an ab wheel, wobble board and a exercise tube band with dvd.

I lastly want to purchase a mini trampoline for use in my home but since I live in an apartment building, I am worried about disturbing my neighbours. Does anyone have any suggestions for this and if this might be a good workout for what is recommended?

I plan to walk every day and to workout 3-4 times weekly to start with so that I can lose some weight but more than that, to become more active and healthy.


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  • if you haven't exercised regularly before I wouldn't set too many goals at once as it is difficult to keep up and then you will feel as though you have failed. Walking every day for at least half an hour is a good start for a few weeks. You can slowly introduce other activities once that has become an established routine. Watching what you eat will automatically show a change in weight if you walk regularly and then the C25K program is one I highly recommend because it is a safe gradual way of building up your fitness without you even realising it!

    This is only my opinion ,others may disagree ,either way,-good luck and keep us posted on your progress

  • Hi, thank you so much. This sounds like a great idea.

    What is the C25K programme please? I have asthma so I have to take it slowly.

  • Well done on making your New Year resolution to get fitter! I wouldn't over-complicate things with loads of equipment and dvds (I've had tons of such stuff over the years, largely unused). Just get your trainers on and get walking and, when you feel ready, throw in a few seconds jog every so often. Once you're happy doing that, start the C25K programme. Take it slowly and steadily and feel free to repeat weeks as often as you need to. I took four months to graduate but it was so worth all the hard work! Good luck and keep us all posted on how you get on! :-) xx

  • Hi, thank you, this sounds very good.

    I am unsure about jogging right now at all as I am very out of shape and I have asthma also.

    What is the C25K programme and what does it involve please? I have to be careful because of my asthma.

    I would really like to get a mini trampoline though but I am not sure how loud it will be as I don't want to disturb the neighbour in the flat below me.

  • Exactly what pinguet said, those home fitness items are good for hanging the washing on, I've had loads in the past. The c25k is the only one I've been able to stick with and like others have said just repeat as required until you feel fitter, it's a great way of tracking your progress, if you'd asked me 6 weeks ago to run 2 minutes I'd have hidden but now I can run 11. I use the NHS c25k app and also mapmyrun app, another brilliant app is myfitnesspal which tracks your food by scanning Barcodes, and they can be linked into a fitness/progress diary to record your weight and measurements too. Good luck and keep reading this forum it's a real help.

  • Thank you so much x

  • I had a mini-trampoline. Gave me a terrible headache every time I used it. Not a fan.

    Couch to 5km is here: nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    (This is the discussion forum that goes with it!)

  • Thank you, I will take a look x

  • That was the problem banging your head on the ceiling!


  • It's a nine week program for people just like you and me . Very gradual and gets you running for 30 mins by the end 😊

  • Yayy, thank you. I look forward to it when I get to that level. :)

  • Like wannabee said in the first reply, I think that's a lot of goals to begin with. Can't help but think you are dooming yourself with that lot.

    Start with the walking 30 mins every day first. Do that for a month or so, then start SLOWLY adding in other stuff (maybe 1 workout a week for a few weeks, then add something else ... etc etc).

    Good luck.

    Edit. Remember, exercise is hard, especially if you are not used to it. Take it slowly initially.

  • Thank you, I will take it slowly. Thank you for the advice, I will stick to that :)

  • Let us know how you get on. :-)

  • I will, I am just going to go for daily walks for now and try and start using the wii fit three times a week :)

  • If you like dancing, have you thought about trying zumba? It is exercising to music with basic dance moves. My cousin does it and loves it. They seem to use a lot of Latin music so you might like it

  • I would love to do salsa, maybe I could join a group nearby where I am :) Thank you

  • Every time you put those trainers on and leave the house you're already a winner and ahead of the couch potatoes

  • Thank you so much Paul46-ipswich. I will remember that and put it on my wall somewhere for motivation :D

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