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Last Run 2015

Last Run 2015

Just completed final run of 2015

6K in 40 minutes ....did include an emergency toilet stop at Bow Lock.

Want to thank you all for your support and encouragement during my new running journey,still can't quite believe that I've only been running since May.

1 month until my 1st 10 as part of the Winter Run for cancer research,I was a volunteer at the event last I've changed.

Wishing you all an awesome New Year.

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Lovely pics! It is amazing how we change after starting C25K isn't it! Have a happy and healthy 2016. Hopefully see you at the winter run- can't wait for it! x :-)


Great pictures! I know what you mean I still have to pinch myself when I tell people I've been for a run!!! Haha!

Happy new year!

Elsie xxx


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