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Boxing Day record

Went on a morning run with my (very fit) cousins- one of whom is marathon training and the other a regular 10k runner. They have a much faster pace than me but my dad came too and we stuck together! I was a bit worried as we set off fast but managed to get through without pushing too hard. I finished my 5k in 34:48!! 3 minutes faster than my record, smashed my under 36 mins goal, and even better, my higher cadence seems to have pain off as NO SHIN PAIN :) :) best end to 2015 there could be! A week off running now as I'm off skiing :)

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Well done Beatrice Rose!

Enjoy skiing!

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Thanks! well done on graduating for christmas :)


Fantastic what a great achievement, well done!!


That's a great time Beatrice. Well done and enjoy your skiing.


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