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A Dark, Wet, Windy Week 9 run 1

I didn't want to go out tonight into the wind and rain, but my son persuaded me. "It will be fine when you get going". he said.

Well fine it wasn't, it was flippin horrible. My warm up walk was not warm I was frozen with rain running down my face, seriously fearing hypothermia,

As I started to run my legs were stiff because they were still cold (and wet). The wind was gusting strongly and blowing the torrential rain into my face. It was becoming more likely I might drown. Then the hill! I hate that hill but with the wind blowing straight at me it was even worse than usual.

I stepped in a puddle and had squishy feet on the final walk... BUT even though it was the worst run I have had, I finished it and when Laura told me it was over I was soooo happy.

It took a long shower to warm me up when I got home but now I feel very smug and looking forward to my last two runs. After all, how could they be worse?

PS love the tags tonight..

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Sons are magic; mine says 'believe in yourself Mum' & that's my C25K motto!

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They can only get better.... My first run is always on a Tuesday and I find it the hardest!! I missed the wind and rain usually cools me down 😂. Good luck on your next 2 👍

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Ha ha , I love the tags !

Well done for getting out there . Sometimes you've got to dig deep and you did it !

Next one should be a doddle after that one ! :-)

Onwards , always ! Xxx


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