Can I do it?

Hi all. I am keen to pick up running, not just to get fit but also to join my husband who loves to run. I think it would be easy for both of us to head out together. I have to admit, I am not a fan of running; I prefer other cardio activities to this. I am looking forward to starting in the new year and surprise my husband by joining him for a run soon. I dunno how to get myself pumped up to start. Would love some help from you. Thanks in advance.


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10 Replies

  • Of course you can run. Anyone can. You have clearance for take off

    If you are fit from your other exercise then you have a head start

    I would do c25k programme on your own. It needs to be done at your pace -no-one else's. It's only 9 weeks or so. If you run with your husband too soon you could do too much early on and get hurt. You have to progress safely.

    C25k is fun. Good luck

  • I am a short fat slug, if I can do it anyone can. Just get out there and plod away, Good luck with it.

  • Can we start a Short Fat Slug Society? I look exactly like my profile pic when I run so I'd definitely qualify.... ;-) xx

  • I got started by promising myself a reward after each run. In the warmer months, I promised myself a luscious piece of fruit after each run. These days, a steaming mug of coffee with sugar. I also keep a log. It is fun to see the k add up. Good luck!

  • I agree that it would be best to do the programme at your own pace, not your husband's. My husband doesn't run but likes to go for walks with the dogs, so if we go out together, I just run back and forth and meet them every so often. It's a safer way if we're somewhere a bit isolated but I can go at a pace that suits me. As for incentive to run, maybe buy yourself some nice kit so that you look and feel like a runner! And promise yourself some more when you graduate! :-) x

  • Forgot about the Graduate gift! It's the law to get something running related on Graduation and post a photo on here

    A piece of fruit is fine post run. No cake though, not til you're running a lot further. Which we can discuss down the line. WE like cake related discussions. Or is that just me? Doh!

  • Why wouldn't you be able to do it? We are all ages and shapes here. Just take it slow and have faith in the programme, it takes you gradually to where you are aiming at. It may be a while before you are running with your husband but it takes the time it takes to get there without injury.

    Get a decent pair of running shoes and a running jacket, download the podcasts for week 1 onto your phone or mp3. Then it's headphones on and off you go!

  • Of course you can do it. We all are and we have all shapes, sizes and ages on here. Why wait until the New Year - sneak out now and start getting ready to surprise him! Pleasenote - you should be starting MUCH slower than him!

    Good luck!

  • Bless you, it will be amazing to run together. The programme is designed for beginners, so just trust the programme and start slowly. Walking is a great way to build fitness, there are some great stretch and flex exercises that could start to prepare you 😀 - how exciting!

  • My hubs is a runner ... half marathons, marathon this year, club runner ... was all a bit daunting to me therefore never tried it but I started this programme 7 weeks ago and am now running outside for 25 minutes at a time which I never in all my wildest thought was possible, he's come with me a few times, slow pace for him but the encouragement and company is good sometimes, other times I do it alone with music. I'd only ever run on a treadmill before and got bored with 30 minutes and gave up after each time I managed it. Give it a go as I promise you, the sense of achievement and pride in what you've done is a real motivator, no matter how far, no matter how long so good luck! ;-)

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