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End of a Pat on the back Quest - New on starting Monday

Please feel free to say how the quest went for you. I hope you all kept to the spirit of the quest and patted yourself on the back. You are all doing so well. I know life gets busy at times. Especially around now, add in the weather and it's great we are still getting out there and doing our thing. Happy running.

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10 km for me, my West London run event. Been a long 6 weeks but my pat on the back to myself is that I am still running and getting out there even when at times it felt like the last thing I wanted to do.

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My longest run was 6 miles rfc. I'm going to take pat on back for trying ( not always succeeding ! ) not to worry so much about things I can't change. Life is a bit like a run - sometimes good , sometimes bad, flat bits , uphill , downhill. You just have to deal with what comes along. We are lucky that we are able to run and maybe we sometimes just too hard on ourselves. Looking forward to next Quest.


My longest run was 10k. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for being able to do that at all !


UPDATE: Yesterday I went out and did my longest run yet. 14k. Sooooo pleased with myself, even if I did get some weird cramps yesterday evening late on.


My quest fell apart the past couple of weeks. I haven't been running much, initially due to jet lag, now I just need to get back into a routine. I'm hoping some time off at Christmas will get me back in the zone. Longest recorded run was 8k.


Thanks RFC! You really a star for this so deserve lots of pats on the back 😊

I am getting back to fitness now and managed a PB at my 10k race on Sunday, so I gave myself a pat on the back for that, and for doing the seemingly endless physio. Physio twice a day now into infinity I think. Still, small price to pay to stay on the road ☺


Yeh, it was OK this one... helped by a very sound and observant theme from RFC!

The actual goals achieved? Not a perfect match, not that close... but the spirit? Definitely! I enjoyed my running and I learned such a lot. I got back to swimming and made tangible progress in my virtual swim of the River Derwent.

Longest run was in excess of 5.18kms - probably something around 6kms (a Runkeeper hiccup!) I fell in love all over again with the patch where I did a lot of my C25K runs.


I still have one run in the schedule, but I'm certain it won't be longer than 7k, my longest this quest.

Thank you RFC for organising the quests. I've participated in three now, and seen real improvements in my running. My spirit also has not flagged even during the soggy dark days of December. This must be due to all of the great company on the forum.


Longest run was 13k. Two challenging trail events (one on a night run), several runs at lunch time along the canals near work and the odd other outing. Difficult to fit in regular time slots at the moment. Now I may be slightly injured, but that's for a separate post if I find the time.


I think we've all done brilliantly what with all sorts of lurgies around and Christmas coming and a million things to do. Big pats on the back for everyone!

I've had a good quest and kept to my training plan but could have done better with more gym sessions and Pilates. But we can't do everything just the best we can.

My longest run was 17K.


Longest run was 10k on Tuesday. First one in months so did a 10/2 walk run, just to make sure knee (and everything else) held up. It did, and managed to squeeze in at 59.26.

Think my mojo might be coming out of hiding. Hopefully Santa brings some goodies to help encourage it.

Well done everyone and thanks rfc for your sterling work on our behalf.

Merry Christmas - or whatever the season means to you - to everyone.


Thank you for this Quest, Rfc, I think it was very well aimed!

I achieved my goal of running once a week, except for one week, and most weeks I actually ran twice - hooray! Longest run was about 3.5k. Mojo is still AWOL but I think that's the weather and Christmas and New Year. I'm hoping that the New Year will bring renewed determination - or should that be the other way round? :D

Anyway, a very happy Christmas to everyone and may 2016 bring health and happiness to all.


Not my best few weeks running, I caught a horrible lurgy that put me on the couch for more than two weeks. I'm back out there again now, but I still haven't got my strength back. A shame, as it was all going very well, my longest run was just over 12 K and it was relatively easy. It'll take a while to get back up to that. It really stunned me, I think I'm immune to colds and viruses!


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