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100 runs

Today was my 100th run. 27 C25k runs, 15 parkruns, various pace runs, interval runs, walk/run runs. Most completed on my home turf in Southsea but some in London, some in Vancouver, some in Kuala Lumpur, some in Dublin and some in Milton Keynes. Most outdoors but some on treadmills.

And what have I learned?

1. It's beautiful first thing in the morning. Ok I am lucky to live by the sea but it's surprising how many days at any time of the year start out well.

2. You improve. Improvement isn't always linear but over time you can run further, faster and with fewer after effects.

3. It doesn't ever become easy - at least if you are working on improving.

4. The collection of sports wear grows and grows, you just can't stop it.

5. Running leads to other healthy habits. For me that was taking up an old favourite activity of swimming again. Actually I swim more often than I run.

6. It's Worth It.

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Well done , I absolutely agree with you. The only thing I would add is that I miss my runs if I can't get out for some reason - never thought I would say that!


That's brilliant Coddfish! And some nice tourism there! Good for you.


Nice one Codfish. Totally agree with all the points above, especially re the collection of sports wear!!


Congratulation Codfish and I totally agree with you.


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