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Week 4 r2, ipod troubles!

After doing my 5 min walk today I soon realised that I hadn't put the ipod back to wk 4 for my second run and had gone on to wk 5 run1... so I just went with it and did it!! Yeah! Think that I will do it again to build up the stamina before going to the run2 but I am feeling so pleased ;-) Enjoying the simple things in life at the moment!

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Great stuff!

Do watch out that you don't go too hard too fast because your body needs time to adapt to the new stresses of running regularly. I would suggest that you carry on from where you would have been, but knowing that you can do a run from further ahead suggests you have been making great progress and will have no trouble when you get on to next week.

Be pleased - you did great - but don't push so hard that you get injured! The injury couch is a frustrating place to be.

Happy running!


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Thanks Ugi, good advice!


I did exactly the same thing yesterday - accidentally started out on W4 instead of my last W3 run - and it was starting to get dark, so I just kept on with it. Figure I can always do an extra W4 run to keep the build-up in running time slow.


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