Heart rate data (continued) - treadmill interval sessions

Heart rate data (continued) - treadmill interval sessions

It's interesting what a 4 day rest can do when you're doing these interval sessions on the treadmill.

MAX/MIN graph take from data shown above: i.imgur.com/u6TzMJi.png

Experimental detail ;-)

- Treadmill #1

- Evening dinner - nominal

- Breakfast - nominal

Interval details

- 5 minutes warm-up walk @ 6.8km/h

- 3 mins @ 9.5 km/h (warm up jog)


- 3 mins @ 13.5 km/h (tempo- sweaty at end of 1st rep)

- 1.5 mins @ 9.5km/h (rest)

Repeat tempo/rest sequence another 3 times - 4 in total.

My normal frequency is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Couldn't do Friday last week, so had to wait until Monday.

Result: harder work, as you can see from the data above.



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  • Interesting! You wouldn't think it would really make that much difference!

  • I was surprised too Hilbean. I'll keep it up for a few weeks and see how things develop. Thanks for your interest.


  • I'll be interested to see the results

  • Increased heart rate numbers are not necessarily a good thing - they can indicate overtraining/tiredness. What is usually looked for when doing heart rate training - is lower HR numbers for the same workload. I'm not sure what conclusion I would come up with from your graph.

  • It's admittedly a small data set and yeah, of course I'm looking for a decrease in the heart rate :-).

    Today's data is clearly an unwanted increase. Given the consistency of the previous week or so, I was just a little surprised to see how different it was. Don't get me wrong Barry, I know if have to collect much more days to observe the real trend, but I can't help wonder if a 4 day rest has affected today's session.


  • Who knows??? That last day might have been your monthly "lead boot" day??? Different treadmill?? etc,etc. We shouldn't get too hung up on the results of one run - either positively or negatively. Looks like you are trying hard though - so the only way up for you is forwards and upwards !! :)

    Is the treadmill your own?? I am thinking of buying one - they do have their uses!

  • Same treadmill, in our works on-,site gym. There are four treadmills and at 8am I have the run of the place so treadmill #1 is the one for me. Gotta keep variables to a minimum!

    I agree, they have their uses.

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