Sunny run!

Sunny run!

With sunset occurring so early these days about the only time I get to run while it's light is on the weekends. It is a bright and gorgeous day outside (if a little windy). With that in mind, I laced up and went for a run on my new winter route. It was a pretty good run despite the fact that my running app spontaneously paused. Also, I felt as though I was struggling just a bit more than usual. I finished my 30 minutes and I'm feeling pretty relaxed and pleased with myself. I haven't been able ro push for more distance or speed lately due to a cranky IT band, but I'm not letting that stop me. I may go and treat myself to a new pair of running tights later. Woo hoo!

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  • It is so lovely to run in the daylight. I'm lucky enough to fit in a run during my lunch break once a week but it is fab to have a longer run at the weekend.

  • Yeah, I know what you mean. A run at work wouldn't work for me, but in the meantime there's always the weekend. Also, the temperatures have been great for running!

  • Coo ! Looks lovely !

    Hope that IT band of yours settles down soon , take care xxxx

  • Thank you Poppypug. It would be nice to be able to push myself again. I'm sure it will gradually get better!

  • Lovely view

    I'm lucky as I get to run in the daytime most of the time - unless I've retreated to the gym due to the monsoon!

  • Understood. We'll have to see what happens when it starts snowing here. Blech! I may need to retreat as well.

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