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Do you run from home or drive somewhere then run?

When I was doing the shorter runs I was quite happy running around my estate, finding new paths and cycle lanes and avoiding the slopes. Now I'm into week 8 and doing longer runs I find myself stuck on pretty much the same route and I'm getting a bit bored.

The whole attraction of running was that it required no preparation but now I'm tempted to drive somewhere, maybe run along the river or around an RSPB site. Just interested to see how others do it.

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I stuck with the same rough route in my area for pretty much, the whole plan but since graduating, I've now ventured further out... still starting at my front door but running 3k in one direction, and then looping back; but that'll only last for so long.

My wife has started doing the c25k now (she's on W4) and has stuck to the local area but a few times now, she's jumped in the car and gone off to a local park to do her runs through there. I think I'll start doing that also.

For me though, I know my local area where as I don't know other areas *that* well. On one hand, it'd be great to explore, but on the other - it's a little bit different!


I do both. I must admit as the runs got longer it became more difficult to find places to run so I started to drive to different places. This also makes it more interesting if you can find nice countryside or seaside runs.


I don't have a car so that's out of the question, but I must admit that I enjoy the sensation of going out the door and starting off straight away. I enjoy the idea that I can get going and cover the ground without any mechanical help. I have two or three options, roads or a local hill/park, so I can vary the route each time. Running to me is about using my body as nature intended, and as I haven't used it that way for more than 30 years, I'm relishing the newfound freedom.


Say you are going to do a 5 mile run, you could always get a family member/friend to drive you somewhere that is 5 miles from home and run back!

I have a few routes that I do but as the length of the route gets longer so the loop I do gets further out. Try plotting a few routes on something like map my run or and then go try them out! I quite like plotting a new route and using different roads in my area.


From home! It's hard enough to fit it in around work and 2 little ones, I don't really feel as if I can take more time to drive out somewhere. Only problem is that there seem to be a few uphills around me! :-)

Well done on reaching week 8 and finding ways to keep it exciting!


I run @home on the treadmill or drive to a nearby park and green area. I live in the countryside which is great but unfortunately the little countrylane in front of my house has no pavement and a few maniac drivers!


I did most of my runs from the house along a disused railway line near us that's now a path/cycle path. This worked well (shady, flat, could see if you were running too fast by getting to a certain point earlier than before etc) until I got to the end of week 7 and the route wasn't long enough so the doubling back got a bit boring.

I'm still a bit of a wuss when it comes to hills, so I have used 'mapmyrun' like Caz9 suggests above to work out a route that is long enough and not too hilly - now I've got a run near the beach and one that goes from my daughter's primary school and ends at home. Like Elizadolots, for convenience I don't like to drive far - 40 mins for warm up/cool down, a run and grabbing a shower when I get home takes up enough time as it is!


The only time I haven't driven is when the snow was too thick. I don't like to run on roads (body gives me enough trouble without wearing out my joints and I have minimalist running shoes) and I have the dog to exercise. I also live on a steep hill and I don't run the same route twice in a row (in fact, quite likely not twice at all!) I try to combine it with other trips out though. Lucky round here to have some good trails and I do like a nice view - it does mean that I am often running on pretty rough terrain (I have permanetly dirty toenails - and I do mean dirty rather than that runner's bruised toe). The stiles are a bit of a killer too!


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