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Week 3 - Ups and downs

So I was a little bit naughty and did my week 3 run 1 last Friday as I had finished week 2 by Wednesday and was feeling pretty energetic. Everything was going fine until I realised I had forgotten to download the week 3 podcast!! I was pretty annoyed to say the least, as I had dragged myself all the way to the gym (that is no small feat). I decided to improvise as I knew the running / rest times and just used my stop watch and listened to my own music, and after all of that it wasn't too bad!

Run 2 was last night, I had Laura to accompany me this time, the run went well again, I even managed to up the speed a little on the treadmill. I am feeling quite confident about week 3, I have one more run left which I will try to do on Friday - maybe even running outside weather permitting.

My only worry for this week is that on Thursday I start a 'jumping class' - just picture sprinting on a trampoline for an hour! This is part of my new 'get fit, healthy lifestyle mantra', I am a little concerned that this may make the runs increasingly challenging as my legs may not function after the class! Time will tell - but for now I am still feeling confident that I will run a 5k in the first week of January.

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I was a little worried when I read "jumping class" that you were jumping on a hard floor! The one thing to avoid is too much additional impact on your joints between runs - if you haven't run before then they will need that recovery time between runs.

Your leg muscles are quite likely to complain, but providing you have a couple of full rest days per week you will probably be OK. In any case you are much less likely to seriously injure the muscles than you are the joints. If you find running on Fridays difficult, you could always run Mon, Wed and Sat so that you have a day to recover from bouncing before running.

Good running - and good luck with the next.



What's naughty about finishing week 2 on Wednesday and starting week 3 on Friday ? Am I missing something ;) As long as you have at least one rest day between runs it doesn't matter where one week ends and another starts :) If you are starting the bouncing, I would not class that as a rest day so maybe have an extra one after that ! The trampoline sounds fun ;) Happy running :)


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