Speed Worries

Week 8, run 1 done. The good news is it was manageable. The bad news is my speed doesn't seem to be improving that much, if I keep at this pace it would take almost 39 minutes to run 5k, not the 30 I'll be running come next week. I'm trying not to feel too disheartened, I suppose what I'll do after I've finished the programme is continue to run for 30 minutes each session but try to improve my speed over time?


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  • Oohhh Hoopla don't get hung up on the distance what counts is that you run for the time even if the distance is only 3k ... Laura don't see that big hill or that busy road! C25K is about running for 30mins there is plenty of time after you graduate that to focus on distance... you did wk 8 that's 28mins running and that in itself is one heck of a challenge ... the next challenge is 30mins just 2mins more, don't worry yet what the distance is :) I graduated 2 weeks ago and I'd be happy if I can do 5k in 35mins - not happened yet but I'll keep at it til it does :)

  • Hi Hoopia. Well done on completing wk8r1. I completely agree with Labshack. Don't worry about your speed at the moment. The target is running for the required time and not the pace at which you run.

    Over time, your pace will actually pick up if you continue to train. When I graduated at the end of June, there was no way I could complete 5k in under 30mins. I was running 8min per km on average and thinking that I had somehow plateaued at that pace, but just a few weeks later that dropped to 7m/km and then 6.5m/km simply through continuing to run three times a week and also building on my distance by extending my longer runs by 10% every week. At the end of Aug / early Sept, I covered over 13km at an average pace of 6m 49secs per km and that felt good.

    A week later I also set Runkeeper to beep at me if I ran below a pace of 6m/km, found a relatively flat route and 'went for it'! I am happy to report that I also managed to cover 5km in under 30mins - a feat that I have subsequently managed twice more. Not bad for a 46 year old 'obese' man. So it does come with time. Just be patient and enjoy your running.

    If you feel you are not achieving anything then pause for a moment and reflect on where you've come from! You should be rightly proud of everything you have achieved so far... :)

  • Oh, thanks guys! You've given me the nice dose of reality I needed. I had it in my head that I would go on to the next programme but what I might do is keeping doing 30 minute runs for a few weeks to get closer to 5k before trying it?

  • That's what I'm doing. I'm a long way off 5k in 30 mins. Haven't quite made it to 4k yet!

  • Don't worry about speed. I didn't manage 5K in under 30 minutes until many weeks after I'd finished C25K. Celebrate the fact you can run for 30 minutes! :-)

  • Pace comes over time - slowly. Don't worry about the 5K bit... running 30 minutes non-stop is the aim and (let's be honest here) there aren't very many people who can do that! :)

    You're doing great and with dedication to training post-C25K you will find you will slowly pick up pace as your body gets used to running longer and faster.... enjoy it... the only race is against yourself...

  • In order to increase your pace, you'll probably need to do some interval training where you are focusing on speed instead of distance. However, c25k is based on the distance - getting you to the point where you can run half an hour without stopping. And what an achievement that is compared to the first week. So dno't worry about the speed for now. After your graduation you might look into speed intervals, or maybe just carry on with the 30 minutes for a while.

  • Just concentrate on time for now, speed will come later :) If you try to increase both at the same time, it will be more difficult. Good luck x

  • Hoopla, You are not a robot, so I wouldn't worry too much if you can "only" do it in 38 minutes. IMO, I think your body will propmpt you when you are ready for the 20 minutes.

    When I go on the static bike, someitmes I ride faster, sometimes less. But when I do it in a comfortable speed, I feel I'd like to go a little faster. This is when I catch up.

    I guess this is the same for running. do it comfortably; the day will come when you will want to do it faster. After all, these measures are set as models, but there's no need to stick to this rigidly.

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