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My Running Week

Hi all, Welcome to my weekly post about my running. Monday was not too bad with a 7.8km run, it should have been 8k's but I seemed to have cut a corner somewhere along the line and lost 200 metres. Still overall it wasn't too bad in 50.14. I think I was still a bit slower than I have been previously but that may due to giving blood the previous Friday. Wednesday no intervals for me!! Now for those of you who are regular readers, (and you know who you are!) you will know that I don't like intervals, I have found something else that I like even less, and that's running AFTER work. My runs are normally at silly o'clock in the morning before work but things conspired against me this week and I had to run after work. Didn't like that at all so will be trying to resist that again, still with Laura in my head saying a bad run is better than no run I went out and pounded the pavement. Today's run was not too bad although had a slow start so I tried to push for the remainder. Splits for today were as follows km1 6.22, km2 6.05, km3 6.16, km4 5.49, km5 5.37. Really need to pace myself better any ideas?

Thanks for reading, stay injury free and happy running!

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You're going great guns Mat. I think your pacing is good (and fast!). You started off slower and then got quicker which is the right thing to do in a race. A lot of people find that hard as they go off too fast and then have no energy for the finish!

On some runs my pace is all over the place too. I wouldn't worry about it but you could try running with a metronome that will keep your pace steady or run to a playlist with a certain number of spm (steps per minute). Jog.fm is a good starting place. But the important thing is you're still running and clearly still enjoying it!

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A metronome sounds like a good idea I will look into it as an app on my Samsung phone. Thanks :-)


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