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First run after graduating.. chronic stitch


Really looked forward to my run early this morning but only managed to run for about 15 minutes then the stitch won - I could barely move. Do stitches disappear with more running you do? I haven't been suffering with stitch for a while but as soon as I up my pace a little bit (PB on 1 mile of 10.36 it's hardly fast) I get stitch :-( I want to go faster but my body isn't letting me!

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Maybe try this...


Maybe slow down slightly for now and see this link...

misswobbleGraduate in reply to davelinks

Yep, slowing down will sort it. It's when you set off too quick. Relax a bit, slow down and you shouldn't get it. If you do, stop running, touch your toes, then reach up with your arms in the air and stretch upwards (feet still firmly planted on the floor) You can even run like that for a bit. Leaning over towards the affected side can get rid of it too. Make sure before you go out that you've had enough food and let it properly digest

Thanks everyone. Well I usually go running before breakfast as that suits me. Obviously I went a bit too fast from the beginning.. Will build it up gradually when I have been into the run for a good 10-15 minutes :-)


It is strange not having the programme to prop u up. It will take a couple of weeks, but you will find ur way and there will be good and difficult runs. I graduated 5 weeks ago and now run 30 mins X 3 times a week and trying to move that to 3 X 5K, even joined a running club which was actually great. I have only done 2 parkruns but going again on Saturday!! Julie

I would also consolidate for a while before trying to push the pace. Rome was not built in a day, nor was your neuromuscular system.


the recommended solution is usually to slow down and take deep breaths using your stomach until it subsides -


I had a similarly frustrating post grad run on Monday and I struggled, not with stitch, but with screaming calf muscles, breathing got all wrong and it took me a good 15 mins to get it all back under control, and although I ran for a long time was really slow.

I was a bit disappointed but decided to put it down to first run without Laura😢. She isn't ready to leave me yet tho, my phone was on shuffle this morning and I ended up running to C2k+ !!! Not what I was expecting!!

Your next run should be better, you are recovering from a rotten cold too!

rammsteinqueenGraduate in reply to tara-j

Thank you :-) well it has just about gone now so it was a fortnight.

I have given Laura the boot (sorry Laura) but I had to get my own music on my iPad. That I think was the problem - the music made me run hard, hence the stitch.

How are you finding running now? I have been out a few times, some great runs, some not good and I do walk when I have to then when I feel okay start running again.

Then I have got my partner saying, come on you need to knock 3 minutes off your 5K time... :-/ talk about pressure!



It's amazing what a difference the music makes isn't it? I am having a frustrating time with knee pain...just posted about actually. Fingers crossed it will be on mend soon! My husband can run literally twice as fast as I can so I leave him to it!

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