Well well well a cheeky run on the treadmill

As some of you know I took to the injury couch after completing week 5 with a hamstring problem. Well it's been weeks I've been doing water aerobics and some kettlebell training but that's it.

Tonight ladies and gents I went back to a full free weights session and when I'd finished I thought go on give it a go so I decided to be sensible for once and do week 3 run 1 on the treadmill and I survived whoop whoop although it wasn't quite the same running inside xx

3 Replies

  • Hey - great work! A run is a run, no matter if it's inside or not. How did the hamstring hold up?

  • I hope you're feeling ok after your treadmill run. Take a rest day to rest your ham string. Aerobics can be quite heavy on the legs so take care. Upper body work outs will keep you ticking over though

    Have fun!

  • Well done Jennie!

    Welcome back to C25K :-)

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