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W7R2... Oops! (contains F-word)

Did W7R2 this morning and obviously went off rather too Fast... I ended up having to slow down significantly towards the end and it was a real struggle. I knew it was difficult because I definitely did not have it in me to up the pace for the last minute as I have been recently.

I don't think it was a conscious decision... I just went a bit too quick by accident. But I did complete it (with about 150m more distance than W7R1) and it was good to battle the little gremlins at the end telling me to stop, though I suspect my legs are going to need an extra rest day this week! Must remember to slow it down a bit for W7R3.

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Well done! You made it through in spite of a little misjudgement - just shows that you have something to spare, which is a great sign.

It's really easy to go off too fast, especially to start with. After a while you get a feeling for a sustainable pace, and more than that, you get a feeling for a sustainable _effort_. When you have run for a while, your pulse rate and breathing react so much more quickly than they do if you don't exercise regularly. You will also become familiar with what is sustainable and what will bring you to your knees within minutes! Until then, try to make sure you start off at a pace where you could complete a reasonable sentence without gasping for breath.

General guide:

Can't comfortably speak: Too fast!

Can comfortably sing: Too slow!

Good luck for R3 - and happy running!



Start slow, then taper down.


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