10 miler :)

Managed 10 miles today, mostly on footpaths so loads of lambs, and the blackthorn is flowering like nobody's business. Absolutely idyllic.

Really do need to sort out a way of eating during long runs though - took some dates out with me (and kept them in my back pocket on my leggings, so by the time I ate them they were soft and partially cooked by body heat and thoroughly delicious. Jogged along thinking about terrible 'hot date' related puns for a good 10 minutes), but by the time I got home I was so wobbly it took 3 goes to get my key into the keyhole. Any tips for nutrition would be fab!

On the plus side, it did give me a good excuse to make one of my 'empty the fridge into the blender' smoothies when I got in - cherry yoghurt, whole milk, an apple, oats, milled linseed and a pinch of salt. Glorious.


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23 Replies

  • Yum!

  • The run sounds lovely! Just been reading a bit about fuel - runnersworld.com/nutrition-...

  • Yummy! :) Thats a l o n g way tea_fairy, no wonder you were wobbly afterwards xxx

  • Jeepers! 10 miles?! Well done!! Love the thought of making up hot date jokes.

    Now then: where's the cream, or even Greek yoghurt, to go in your blender along with the low cal stuff? Not that many calories in whole milk. (I don't know how to do a frowning face, but I'm looking very sternly at you now!!)

    Hope you're about to sit down to a hearty Sunday evening meal!!! :) x

  • Don't worry, also had a fried egg butty and grilled tomatoes, and we've got South Indian-style steak and rice and veg for tea :)

  • -I'm coming over!! :)

  • It was delicious - recipe here: bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/kera...

    Due to a chronic lack of edible water buffalo in deepest Derbyshire, we used normal cow steak. It was still yum. And cauliflower rubbed in oil and chucked in an oven dish with some slices of unwaxed lemon and a sprinkle of cumin seeds and baked til it's soft, and rice. :)

  • Oh wow; that looks delicious. Thanks Tea fairy! Will definitely try. Like you, no water buffalo here! And thanks for the cauliflower hot tip; I love cauliflower but don't have many ideas that aren't a faff and need an ingredients list as long as you're arm.

  • Well done, 10 miles is a real achievement. Having run 5ks, where you don't need anything at all, 10ks where you can get away with a little water, once you get into longer runs you absolutely have to hydrate and take on nutrition as you go. Aim to drink water and eat a banana or two a good hour or so before you start and pack something full of sugar for the run. I regularly put a packet of kids sweets - Jelly Tots, Love Hearts, foam bananas etc in my pocket and reward myself every mile with one or two. Energy gels sachets such as those from SIS that you go can get from (for example) Holland and Barret or Amazon work for me, but they don't work for everyone. Buy one and give it a try. Take some water with you too.

    Good luck!

  • Cheers Rob. I did take water and the dates for sugar (we only had chocolate sweetie-type things, and I decided that might get messy!) but need a bit more. I secretly love those foam bananas, and the pink shrimps...

  • Pink shrimps..... Mmmmm

  • Well done Tea, sounds like a lovely run :-)

    . I always have Jelly Babies or Haribo Star Mix in my pocket . Not that I run for long distances or anything , I just like to have them on my Cool Down Walk home xxx

  • Wow!!!! I am in awe!!!! That is amazing!!! No wonder you had wobbles though... How long did it take you out of interest? Well done you x

  • Thanks :). Took me an hour and 40 minutes with a couple of short walks, but also a couple of long downhills where gravity does the work for me :).

  • Fantastic run. I did a 10 miler this morning too - banana and cereal bar an hour before, and plenty of water. I have also discovered some lurid sweetie things called SportBeans.com - basically Jellybelly beans (which I secretly quite like) but bigger, with extra nutrients for runners. It might all be placebo but I do find they give me a boost halfway through a long run. They taste quite nice - tangy and fruity - too.

  • I do wonder how you take stuff with you on a longer run. The thought of carrying water with me does not appeal, haha! I can jelly beans being fine though.

  • Another 10 miler! Well done you tea fairy!

    Can't give you much of an answer cos I'm researching the same question at the mo but ...

    So far bought a €3 bum bag for testing purposes with 3 seperate compartments from Sports Direct in which I stash small water bottle, energy gel [s] (in plastic bag because detest sticky mess), lypsyl, ipod and bus fare in case i need it ... Winch it up pretty close so it doesn't bounce, set it so its like a little snacks dispenser in front of me and tadaaaa, off I go!

    Needs fine tuning but so far not bad and a little sip of water now and again is very helpful! The gels are pretty icky but don't need digesting per se they just somehow keep you going (instead of wobbling out!)

    Good luck with yr own experiments and yr smoothie sounds delicious! :-)

  • Hi TF, carrying stuff is a pain, but it goes with the territory. For runs over 10k I use a water bottle holder with two small pockets on the side...one for phone and one for sustenance. I am not a sweet eater but searching around for something to take with me I found a packet of sweets that has been hanging around the house for years. At five miles I put a Haribo type jelly thing in my mouth and was amazed that it stayed there, providing me with sugar, if not real useful energy, over the next couple of kilometres. It seemed to lift my mood, but I think I will try dates, as I don't want to develop a habit for sweets. My son eats fruit cake by the ton when on his epic cycling outings.

    Your time for ten miles matched mine, but mine was mainly on the road, which I am slowly getting used to.

  • Whopping distance TF. No wonder you were a bit shaky. As I don't run these distances I can't tell you what works but as we both have a similar metabolism I can tell you that wine fruit gums give me a spurt of energy when I'm not running. An additional bonus is that when I went for a bone scan years ago (potential osteoporosis) the consultant told me to eat wine gums. There's something in them that's very good for bones apparently.

    What about malt loaf? Loaded with goodies and by the time you get to eat it on your run it would be toasted!

  • Wow, sounds like a great run, and well done for going the distance!

    As for carrying stuff along - I use a running belt with room for two water bottles and a few additional bits and pieces. When I was doing my long runs a few months ago I used energy gels for "food" - they're not particularly unpleasant, and they're nice and easy to carry.

  • Thanks for all the ideas! May give wine gums and the dreaded gels a try.

    I also think I might try to get a backpack rather than a waist thing/bumbag - the two races I've entered for both have fell running type mandatory kit lists (taped-seam full-body-cover waterproofs, map and compass as well as the usual water and fuel) and I hate the way bumbags seem to twist round and ride up.

    And just for reference, I don't think the dates cut the mustard as a fuel source.

  • I was thinking that a camelbak sounds much better (and less hassle) than a belt - anyone know?

  • I think juicyju uses one for long runs? And I think I might get one and see, too. If so, will let you know.

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