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Ankle pain ?

Hey everyone I just wanted to ask if anyone has had this before .. 3 days ago I went for a run and got a bit of a sore ankle about an hour after I had finished running next day it was a bit sore every time I put weight on it but could slightly handle it today I could still feel tenderness but I couldn't handle another day of not running and when I got home again my ankle was fine then it really started hurting I can't put my weight on it and have got an ice pack I'm just wanting to know if anyone has experienced this and how to prevent it in future also I am 96kgs

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Hi Sammie

That sounds unpleasant. Your symptoms could be down to any number of reasons I imagine. How is your footwear? Do your trainers give you enough support? Also, I would recommend gait analysis if you haven't already had it.

Rest up, try the RICE method and if it doesn't get any better, then a trip to the drs. Good luck!


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