I'm improving

I ran 30 minutes yesterday at a pace of 8 minutes and 22 seconds per km.

On 6 June my average pace over 30 minutes was 10 minutes and 55 seconds per km.

I also went out and ran 5.5km on Sunday and I'm aiming for 6km this Sunday. I'm going to do a 10km race in May but I need to make sure I can get a lot of training done as soon I can as I may need an operation (hernia).

My main worry now is that all the 10km training plans seem to involve running 5 times a week and I just can't do that.


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  • I graduated three weeks ago and did Zenlabs 10K programme which took me in at week 9 as a C25K graduate. For me, it was too much too soon and I'm just doing 3 X 30 min runs per week, will increase to 33 when my legs feel good to do more. Week 9 is 4 X 10 min runs and 1 min recovery.

    What's the hurry, if u have a pace that works for u, that's great - don't want to increase distance and speed at same time. I run between 7-8 mins per km, comfortable for me.

    Julie ๐Ÿ˜…

  • You have loads of time so don't panic and forget about your pace. It's not important at this stage. Check out MyAsics running plans because you can choose whether to run 3 or 4 times a week and also the level of intensity. Put your stats in and take a look. You don't have to commit and you can change things around.

    You also might want to consider doing what others have done (myself included) and run 1x 5K, 1x hills or intervals or speed(about 3K) and then 1 longer run each week when you build up your distance. The important thing to remember is not to increase your total weekly distance by more than 10% otherwise you risk injury.

    Also, did you know there is now a HealthUnlocked Bridge to 10K community which might help you on your way.


  • No you can't. Don't do four either if you have a hernia

    Too much too soon is bad news and your plans will hit the buffers if you overdo things.

    Progress slowly and steadily. Your legs are slower to catch up and need to strengthen, as does your whole body, so be prepared to be patient. You are still a new runner for 18 months to 2 years so rein yourself in a bit

  • I'm sticking to 3 times a week. 2 30 minutes and a long run on a Sunday.

  • I ran 3 times a week, I just added 1km to one run "the long run day" each week till I hit 10k on that run. The other 2 runs are still 30 mins each.

    For May, I need to build up to 16k. So will do the same, just add 1k each week to the long run till I hit 16k.

  • I'm adding 0.5km a week and that should be ok even if I need an operation at some point.

  • Being injured I've not done a long run for ages. I can't wait to do another one! It's a great way to spend a Sunday morning I reckon.

    Have fun!

  • Well I went for a run this afternoon, was going to do 30 minutes but I was feeling slow so I did 6km. I actually ran 6km faster than I did 5km in May!

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