2nd 10 mile Fun(??!!) Run tomorrow! wish me luck!

2nd 10 mile Fun(??!!)  Run tomorrow! wish me luck!

Trying my 2nd 10 miler tomorrow,Queensgate Fun Run , tempted by the fact they have permission to run through the grounds of Osbourne house, Queen Victoria's IOW residence owned by English Heritage. Only been there a couple of times, and have booked extra day off work(actually off til the 12th Oct now!) its more of a fun run rather than competitive race. Haven't run that end of the Island before(only once i Wootton) , hope its not TOO hilly(think some of it is!)

Also the people organising it say..........

"Every finisher gets a medal, AND THERE IS CAKE, so please stay for some refreshments and cheer everyone home :)"

Only done that distance once at the end of July, plus 2x 9 milers(on my own) before that, but sounds like it a relaxed one thats a good fundraiser for the school.....

Heres the route(its actually 10.4 miles! eek!


will report back! :)

ps if anyone gets the parkrun weekly email, my friends husband Rob is "parkrunner of the week!"


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  • Ooo good luck! And enjoy the cake ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • thanks tomatopincushion(great name!) if i can make it round i will definitely enjoy a cake or 2!! :)

  • Bling and cake? What can go wrong?! Lots of luck - I can only dream of 10k at the moment, but I hope it goes well for you. Just hold that image of the cake!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿฐ

  • thanks Sandra! i'm sure i will enjoy it(most of the time!!) :) does look quite hilly on the map!!

  • Sounds perfect - enjoy!!

  • thanks dagshar!! :)

  • Good luck Ali. Cake and bling is just greedy.

  • yum yum! thats all i can say!! is your HM this Sunday?? Hope your carb loading has gone well? GOOD LUCK you'll be great! :)

  • Yes, this Sunday.

    Carb loading is in full swing!

  • me too just making mac cheese! :) GOOD LUCK! full report needed!! :)

  • Ooer, tomorrow! Very best of luck for that. Steady comfortable pace for the first bit and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks TT. I was thinking about a steady comfortable pace the whole way!

  • I was expecting you to sprint the last 8k... Ha, well, perhaps not, but by that point the effort required may feel like a sprint! Safe to post this now you are on your way, didn't want to scare you ;-)

  • Good luck Ali! Hope it goes well! :-) Enjoy the cake at the end!

  • thanks mimsickle! have just bought some skittles sweets for the way round to make a change from my tic tacs!! :)

  • Hi Alison

    Have fun tomorrow. Wish I could run that far. I'm doing the Medina parkrun but would prefer Osborne lol. Hope to see you Tuesday. Good Luck for tomorrow xx Dawn

  • Hi dawn!

    there is a 5k option!


    Saw you from a distance tues but didn't have a chance to catch up with you after . Hope you're doing ok? Poor Jo getting injured :( , hope she recovers well

    yep should be there tues all being well! :)

  • Wow, that looks amazing !

    Good Luck Ali, save us a bit of cake :-) xxx

  • thanks Poppy, not sure how much of osbourne house we will see, its scooting round the edge i think!

    of course there is a piece of cake with your name on it! :) I am instructing Boz (who's doing it as well and will i'm sure be back at least half an hr before me!) to go to the cake stall and nab some nice ones!! :)

  • Ha ha Good idea Ali ! :-) xxx

  • nab the cakes and run! oops maybe other way round!! :)

  • Good luck! Please tell me ten miles doesn't feel as far as it sounds.

  • Thankyou!! you'll be fine for next weekend, we all have faith in you here! :)

    The last (only!) one i did felt better after the 10k mark psychologically ! :)

  • Wow! Quel venue stunning!

    Go forth and crush that race. 10 miles is a really nice distance IMO, it's enough to get your teeth into but doesn't take too much out of you so you can still walk the following week.

    Do go easy on that carb loading though.

  • Thanks Rignold! its a pretty route by the look of it! if i feel puffed out i will think of your epic adventures to inspire me to keep on going! Hope you are recovering well! should be decent weather and as long as i get round i will be happy( but slightly faster would be fab but not essential!! )

    didn't overdose on pasta tonight so should be ok :)

  • Cake, you say? Enjoy!

    Oh, enjoy the run too! ๐Ÿ˜ƒHave a great run, Ali Wighter and have a brilliant time; can't wait to hear all about it! The route looks good! ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸƒGood luck!

  • thanks Steve! i hope i will enjoy and come back triumphant! typically have all kinds of aches today, going to get up early and take George walkies for warm up! :)

  • Good luck little sis. You'll be fine. Think how easy the nice flat Great South Run will be after this hilly route :) x

  • You had me at cake!! Looks like it will be a fab route. Enjoy!

  • Good luck aliboo, not sure I'd put '10 miles' and 'fun' in the same sentence .......but then you mentioned cake, so that makes all the difference, plus some great scenery to look at. Bon chance!


  • Oh, too late to wish you luck but hope it went well, looks like a fun course and lovely views too xx

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