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A bit of a fraud

I feel a bit of a fraud posting here as I'm doing my second half marathon next week and planning something bigger next year!! Though this is where I started 5k is still my benchmark and c25k is still my inspiration. I always THOUGHT I could do it and now I KNOW I can. Running is just a part of life now, not all i do but it has enabled me to live the life I want to. It has given my confidence in my mental strength and energy to cope with my kids lol!! Good luck all on this path but one day you'll barely remember even struggling with w1r2 (r1 is done on adrenaline lol)

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"Running is just a part of life now"

That is the main goal!!!! Not necessarily to run half marathons or to beat PB's - but simply to incorporate running into our daily lives -- as I often say -- just like we clean our teeth every morning!! :) I think that I am just about there !! :)


Hi! You shouldn't feel a fraud at all - lots of C25k graduates post regularly to support those of us on the programme and share their running journeys; 10k, HM, marathons and beyond! It is great to hear that it really has been a 'change for life' for you. At Week9 now myself, I already hope it is the same for me. Good luck with your HM - let us know how it goes!


Please don't feel a fraud as it has been said this forum works because some graduates stick around and some come back to share. Without the graduates where would our knowledge, encouragement and belief come from. It's great for new runners to read posts like yours, it really does inspire to hear that even when you've graduated you still love running. You never know next year with your bigger project you might find yourself on here and we will inspire you.


Noooo you're not a fraud. I'm still just a new graduate & love getting support from more seasoned runners as well as being able to offer a little support of my own to others.

Good luck with the next half marathon and whatever follows!


Fraud? Don't think so. Posts like yours are essential to let everyone else see just how far this program will take you if you let it! I have "only" done 10k so far but am hoping to up my game to a hm next year some time. I love reading about everyones exploits from the 2k to the marathon runs! Very inspiring. Keep it up.


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