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2 stones lost and one more run until graduation!

I got weighed this morning and I've lost 2 stones. I'm now lighter than I have been for more than 2 years, so its a big step for me!

Did my w9r2 last night and ran for 32 minutes, covering 2.5 miles. Only one more run until I graduate. I have caught the bug though and will continue to run for pleasure (what? Pleasure???????!!!!!!???). I never thought I would say that!

Hoping to continue to increase my pace and eventually run 5k in 30 minutes. At the moment, I'm just so glad I can actually run :-)

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Well done on your weight loss and well done for getting this far. Feel just like you - one day on the distant horizon I might well run 5k in 30 minutes but it's just great to be out there! I'll be looking out for your graduation post :-)


God what a weight loss that is brilliant, keep up with the running and enjoy it.

Funny still can't call myself a runner, just a jogger!


Well done on your weight loss and reaching graduation - what an inspiration!! :)


Congratulations, amazing weight loss, inspirational achievement. Hope you have an amazing w9r3 :).... and beyond


Great stuff! You have done brilliantly, Please share your secret I have lost next to nothing :( I know c25k has done me good tho so can't grumble. Well done :)


Ah thank you everyone :-). PatButcher I have just been counting calories using Myfitnesspal.com plus the running and lots of walking on rest days. I've still got another 3 or 4 stones to lose which will hopefully have gone by the end of the year (with a bit of luck!!) ;-)


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