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What to do to follow up graduation

Well I graduated last weekend and wondered what to do next and decided to start a C210K plan. This consisted of 4 x 10 minute runs with 1 minute recovery walk. So although it is quite a bit more than 30 minutes running in total, it sounded more than possible. However day 1 I found it pretty hard and my knee became a bit niggly, day 2 felt easier but still a stiff knee and then day 3 seemed to go on forever and again a slight pain in the knee.

What shall I do now? I don't want to press on to next week's run. I could repeat this week's or just come off the programme for now and do 3 x 30 minute runs. Missing the programme of C25K but do not want an injury. Help??


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I did the same thing when I graduated and found it so hard. I hated it and stopped using it.

I just added a little distance or time on to my runs each week and built it up gradually. Forget about time, just run, run with Laura if it helps and continue when she stops.

I did put her on repeat when the distance increased.

I have built up to 13k and can now run without music etc but def found it easier to do my own thing. Bizarre as I didn't have any probs with C25k programme.

Jules x


I think that is sensible. Also I like to run without breaks, stopping for a 1 minute walk seems to make it harder for me and it feels like I am stepping back from what I did on C25K too. Next week will just do 3 x 30 mins, then increase by a few minutes each week, seems to be a better way and to make it more fun

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