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Post Graduation Run #2

I've been out for my second post grad run this morning. I went somewhere completely different to where I normally run.

I'm absolutely over the moon because I hit 5k at 29 minutes and 31 seconds. I got a few funny looks when I air punched and gasped/howled like a crazy person but it felt so good that I managed to get there within the thirty minutes.

After my run I met my colleagues who have started the programme and ran Week 1 Run 2 with them. I thought it would be too hard but I had to slow myself down to stay with them and I wasn't at all breathless after each minute. When I think back to how I used to shuffle along and huff and puff twenty seconds into it I feel really proud of myself. I also love that I get to share my enjoyment of running and the magic of Laura and the podcasts with others.

We saw a running club whilst we'r were out who are doing the podcasts. The leaders were blowing a whistle to let them know when to run and when to walk. Genius idea!

Happy running folks! It's amazing what you can achieve when you get out there and do it :)

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superb well done on getting a sub30 5K , that really is a huge achievement , I remember how I felt after i did my 1st , you will be floating on air for at least a week :D

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Great that you're sharing this with others. It's too good a thing to keep it a secret, isn't it? Also good news that running clubs are making use of it. I suppose the best thing about doing this with a friend is that you can actually talk as you run. If you can't you know you have to slow down. Pacing sorted!

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Congratulations, that's amazing!!!

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