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W3 R1 done phew

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Am so pleased - had psyched myself up quite a bit for the first 3 minute run, but it was ok! Never could have imagined I could do it. Was lovely leaving husband and children in their beds at 6.30 & heading out in the dark to see the sunrise - am lucky to be near the sea so it was beautiful (& lots of other runners walking- maybe C25k ers too!)

Luck to you all on your runs today 👍

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Good run for you today DevonBluebird, I always wonder if some of the runners I see are doing C25K, I did ask one and she was, especially the runners who stop and walk for a short time, it makes me think that they could well be doing some training program like this, onwards and upwards for you to run 2 of week 3.

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DevonBluebird in reply to AlMorr

Thank you AlMorr 👍

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Well done 👍😁

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DevonBluebird in reply to Wenderwoo

Thanks Wenderwoo 😁

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Lovely to see the sun rise as you run and good for you getting out early

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DevonBluebird in reply to WillowandSola

Thank you! Husband & kids were just waking up when I got home - I did feel smug 🤣😆

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to DevonBluebird

That’s great

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Brilliant, well done! We love to see it get light too except our view is not a beautiful ocean, ours is an industrial estate and some hills in the distance that are actually a refuse site 😑

I find myself silently applauding and saying well done to runners I see now. I don't know if it's because I know how hard it is just to get up and get out there or because I cheer the kids on jr parkrun :D

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DevonBluebird in reply to mom24uk

Hey a sunrise is a sunrise no matter where it is!!

It’s great yours do junior parkrun, can’t get mine interested at the moment- hopefully at some point!

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mom24ukGraduate in reply to DevonBluebird

Completely agree, though the days are getting longer now and I'm not getting up even earlier to watch them :D

It's my daughter doing parkrun that has encouraged me to try this plan again. So many parents run with their kids and I'd like to join her too. I have to push her to go most weeks as she'd happily lie in bed but is getting better about getting up now she sees that I'm doing it too. I hope yours get inspired by you (if not, bribe em 🤣)

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DevonBluebird in reply to mom24uk

Ha yes bribery does often work!! Hmm will have to get scheming poor things 🤣 Good for you doing it too, isn’t it great when our own experiences expand because of our kids!! It’s nice payback for years of work 🤣

That’s great Devon. Can’t wait to get to that stage. I’m still on 60seconds at the minute 😂

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DevonBluebird in reply to Largerthaneverest

That’s the amazing thing about this programme for us impatient ones - you’ll be here in only just over a week!! It’s pretty mind blowing!

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