Please welcome your newest graduate.......W9 R3 - Done !!

I have only gone and done it !

Somehow it was meant to be, best nights sleep possible, blue sky and sun shining, me and Laura !

I was so excited about today that nothing or no-one was going to stop me.

I ran for me, my health and my future health.

I plan on being a runner now and that is all down to C25K and you wonderful people on this forum who have helped, cajoled and advised me.

I feel as though I have achieved something completely outside my comfort zone and am extremely proud of that.

Thank you all



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41 Replies

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  • Choo ! Choo ! All aboard the Graduation Express ! Whoop ! Whoop ! :-)

    Absolutely fantastic Richard ! Many Congratulations to you and all the very best to you for your future running adventures

    Yes the Running Gods are smiling down on you today .

    Well Done to you ! :-) xxx

  • Gorgeous picture Poppy!

  • Ta very much Marina :-) xx

  • fantastic!!!!!

  • Obviously you have a choco lab too !!

    Ours is Stanley !

  • Stanley looks lovely! Ours is Bonnie!

  • Whoop! Well done well done- beautiful day to graduate! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ‰

  • Quite apt that you are the first to comment Christine.

    Just by your good wishes and support you have helped me more than you will ever know.


  • Thank you Richard, that is really kind of you xxx

    Oh , have you applied for your badge ? :-)

  • No I haven't, how do I do that please ?

    I noticed that you have a new pug avatar too !

  • Yes ! I am a crazy pug lady ! :-)

    Its the heading " Graduation Badge September 2015 " under the Blue Pinned posts on the right. You just need to click on that and just write that you have completed and that's it, the lovely RFC will issue you your lovely bling ! :-) xxx

  • Wow, this is like my birthday !!

  • Well done, Richard. I have the feeling that as time rolls on we're going to eventually hear about your marathons here. (Unless, of course, you have plans to keep running within its own bounds, and use your excess energy for other projects - also not a bad idea at all).

  • Congratulations on graduation and the start of your open road!

  • Woop woop! Well done Richard. Fab job. Well done you โ˜บ

    Many many happy miles running to you! X

  • Lovely post. Congratulations! :D Now you just need to get your graduation badge ;)

  • Enjoy this life-changing moment Richard, you'll remember this day for a long time.

  • Well done! I guarantee you will smile for the rest of the day!

  • Many congratulations Richard - that badge looks lovely!

  • Congratulations such a big achievement enjoy the feeling It's the best !! Happy running ! :)

  • Congratulations & well done!

  • Congratulations & well done - where that badge with pride.

  • Yay!!! So happy for you. Many congratulations! What a fantastic final run :-D

  • That's fabulous, I'm so pleased for you! Enjoy your running xx

  • You have achieved something amazing! It took determination and I am sure all ur friends are amazed u did it! Hope you feel proud! What r u planning now? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Pompoms waving for you in the French vineyards, Richard! Well done! Now off you go to buy yourself a graduation present. :D

  • Welcome and congratulations! :-D

  • Fabulous, well done Richard!

  • Congratulations on completing c25k Richard. You are a runner - official! Enjoy!

  • Congratulations! You do right to feel so proud of your achievement. Now to plan all sorts of lovely running adventures ahead!

  • Massive congratulations, Richard, and a big pat on the back. You're right, learning to run does take us right out of our comfort zone, but it moves us on to our totally-awesome-runner-who's-fit-and-healthy zone, and I know which zone I prefer being in. Well done m'dear, you should feel very proud of yourself


  • Well done mate I'm soooooo thrilled for're a great mentor I'm following in your footsteps (fast ones) keep going you're energy and determination is fab to have around look forward to meeting for a run sometime cheers Edddd

  • An achievement of which you can be justly proud. Many congratulations and welcome to the graduate club.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Yay! Well done Richard, nice shiny badge - I've only just got mine too. Have a lovely weekend fellow graduate :)

  • Thank you all for some very kind comments. I am sincerely touched by your wishes.

    After such a good morning I went and played golf and was total rubbish !!!!

    But I was smiling thinking that I was the only person in my group who could run 5k !

    To my buddy ed1972 who has posted above, this will be you in few weeks. If you feel half as good then as I do now, then you will be walking on air.

    I didn't realise that this was going to be such a big deal and have such a positive impact on my life.

  • Well done Richard! Glad it was a good one and the weather gods were smiling on you.

    My graduation run is set for tonight. I'm so looking forward to it!

  • Can't wait to see your post ! Good luck

  • Richard well done!!! So happy for you. Here's to to you, your c25k success and to all you future running successes.

    And guess what- I've only gone a graduated too!!!

  • Afro I knew you wouldn't be far away! Well done !

    Great feeling isn't it ??!!

  • Brilliant Richard , really well done, so pleased for you :D

  • Yep - you're now a runner! Wishing you many happy years of running ahead :)

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