Couch to 5K

That's it, it seems I CANNOT run outdoors but I have a PLAN!!

As some of you may know I've been quite successfully managing my c25k journey on the treadmill & have reached wk6r2. Have been keeping an eye on Gdaughters 3&4 for part of this wkend so thought have another go at wk5r2 outside ,as I quite liked that run. Mentally I told myself that I'd already completed wk5r3 & wks6r 1&2 so "get out there & stop being a big wuss!"

Off I went, well long story short, I walked most of the way. Almost as soon as I started ,joints aching, gasping for breath, (must be my age Ducky!) If I'd been going any slower I would have been stationary but I did keep trying & broke into a trot as often as I could, at least I was moving. When Laura announced at the end .well done you've run for 8 mins twice today, I did manage a wry smile. So back to my TT ( trusty treadmill) later today & when I've managed to complete c25k I'll do it all over again outside. Good plan eh! Onwards & upwards Grandma

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You dou what you can, then you can do more! No worries!


Outdoor running is apparently "more challenging" than indoor running. I've only ever run on a treadmill once and found it terribly boring and love getting outside. A few things to remember:

1) The more you repeat something the stronger you'll get

If you want to transition to outside running then you'll need to prepare for the fact it may be more challenging. Different surfaces, hills (I hate them too), trails, footpaths, cars, squirrels, midges, etc... and "the elements". Having said that, if you think you want to wait until after graduation to transition then that's not a crazy idea - you need to keep your confidence up right now... don't feel bad about struggling outside - it's a different thing!

2) Your pace - your C25K

Do what you feel comfortable with. So far you've done amazing inside so that's still a WHOLE WORLD BETTER than doing nothing... by a long shot... In fact, I'd argue it takes more dedication to run on the spot than it does to run around the block - once I've left the house, I need to run back to it... I could just turn the TT off! :)

Whatever you do, have fun and don't sweat the small stuff - work up to outdoors at your pace... don't lose faith... you just need to accept it's "different" and your body will adjust. Just remember how much it's already adjusted from Week 1 until now... don't forget how far you've come...

Just enjoy it... inside or outside... your heart and lungs say "thank you" regardless... :)


What a great answer Aussie. Says it all!


Thank you for your encouraging replies. I'm just going to keep on keeping on!!


Everyone is different. I have run on the treadmill a few times but it's in a gym full of lithe young bodies and I feel really self-conscious (I'm only a couple of years younger than you) Outside, on the other hand I'm lucky to live in an area where I an run with no onlookers at all other than my dogs and the birds and I just love it. But one style of running is no better or more virtuous than the other. The important thing is that it's getting you fit and you feel better for it. Whatever floats your boat!


Yes indeed, thanks again to you all, I've realised that most of my problem when outside is the effort of propelling myself forward which of course the treadmill does help with, so if I go even further back to wk1 in the program I should be able to manage . That's the plan anyway!! For now though it's treadmill all the way.


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