3 parkrun nightmares! 😦

I am doing my first parkrun tomorrow and so far had 3 nightmares about it: (1) forgot my barcode and couldn't run (2) realised too late I had turned up in flip flops (3) looked down at my legs on the start line and they were as hairy as a gorilla's.

All being well, none of the above will prevent me from running tomorrow at the Corby parkrun. Julie 😉


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22 Replies

  • Haha :D Oh dear, that's a lot of stress dreams for something that's supposed to be fun. I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time tomorrow because, let's face it, nothing is going to live up to your nightmares!! Good luck :)

  • I certainly hope not 😉 - I volunteered there a couple of weeks ago so have seen the course and the volunteers are all very friendly, will let you all know tomorrow LOL

  • Lol, love it!

    You'll be fine & dandy I'm sure. At least there's none of these that would actually stop you from running.

    Good luck to tomorrow!!

  • haha not even a plague of locusts either ?

    You will have a great time , fraid you def need the barcode to get a time :D other than that anything goes :) enjoy the run :)

  • Hahaha! this made me laugh, what are we like worrying over some thing so much but totally know where your coming from!! :D

  • You've got the right attitude - even if they happen, none of them would prevent you from running. Good luck.🌟

  • You'll wonder what all the fuss was about when you've done it. You'll be fine!. By the way, don't forget the barcode if you want a time! 😁

  • Thanks for your confidence in me and the C25K programme, graduating at parkrun is exciting. I wanted to just go and run week 9, run 3 quietly on my own but someone challenged me to make it special! I have a wristband with the barcode on it and ready for action! Julie

  • I feel your pain, have a half tomorrow and woke up the other morning almost crying as I'd dreamt I'd forgotten my Garmin.

  • Discovering running has been a wonderful experience considering I hated exercise before and just watched TV. Now even on rest days, I am reading about running, chatting on the Forum and thinking about the next run! This is my first run with others, maybe I will be hooked and train for a 10K, always new challenges

  • Haha. You're nightmares got progressively funnier!! Good luck tmrw, you'll be fine I promise. I'm doing my second one tmrw. X

  • Wonder what I will dream about tonight LOL!!

  • Enjoy it. Odont try to keep up with everyone else. Just do what you normally do with Laura.

    Have fun :)

  • 1) Always keep a spare barcode in your car just in case.

    2) Keep an old pair of trainers in your car just in case

    3) Keep a pair of long leggings in your car just in case.

    There, all bases covered. Get out there and enjoy your parkrun !!

  • Henpen, that assumes you can find your car keys :)

    Have you any suggestions for not losing them?

  • It's bizarre isn't it. I had a very drawn out dream about volunteering and at 2 mins to 9 found myself miles away from the Park and couldn't get back to my marshalling spot!!

  • I didn't know there were parkruns on Sundays? I was under the impression that the whole world ran on a Saturday morning? Just saying, but I suppose now it's a bit late, so you'll have to find out in the morning. Hope you have a blast, either way. (If you got the dates mixed up, just do your own "Freedom Run"; and nothing's lost).

    Edit: Ah. In the couse of this evening I somehow managed to lose a day. Now I have it back again, so tomorrow can count as an extra Saturday in the week, maybe. Ignore the above, please.

  • JoolieB you're too funny! Hope you get a good rest- I'm only just to bed now and get up early to walk dogs... Good luck tomorrow, enjoy it! 😀

  • Having just woken up from a very weird dream I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm going to try & do mt first 10km race tomorrow (Sunday). My dream included a toilet with no door, a workmate going off with my running shoes & refusing to give them back & me forgetting to put a t shirt on!!!

  • Thinking about you this morning when I did my second post graduation run!! Good luck honey - it will all be fantastic and I look forward to hearing all about it 😘❤️☀️

  • Oh dear! Hope the real thing went a bit more smoothly! How was it? Did you enjoy it?

  • I did it, see my new post. My toffee legs as my Mum called then did me well. Thanks for ur encouragement, I felt it xx

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