Week 9, run 2 done 😕

I can't believe I am on week 9 because not so long ago, I struggled to run for 3 minutes and Laura has clearly tricked me to running for 30 minutes now. I didn't want to go today but I had to, actually enjoyed it too, a few hills to tackle and I even did it at a reasonable speed (8 minutes per km). Decided to go out in style by doing my first parkrun on Saturday in Corby. Pretty unsure how it will go but just need to breathe well and keep my pace steady. Then I plan to continue with a 2 x 30 minute + 5 km run each week for maybe a month. Will then think about a 10 k training plan - I want to do some cross country running but don't want to get injured before graduating (knowing me, I will fall down a ditch by tripping over a tree root)!! Julie

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  • Nearly there. I hope parkrun goes splendidly!

  • Go joolie go! You will feel amazing on Saturday!

    Well done for getting out there no matter what! I so agree with what you have written about the programme- tricked into it, ha ha! I like your structured approach to the next stage, too. Well done you! :)

  • It looks like you've got a plan there, lady. Well done and enjoy the park run! I've been convinced that I'm going to fall over since I started running - came close a couple of times, but touch wood... nothing yet.

  • well done a great way to graduate , you will have a fab time at parkrun :D

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