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Week 6 Spin 3

Nothing much to report, now. I gave myself 10 minutes to warm up, 10 minutes to cool down, 25 in the middle of that, and go. Luckily the hills were not as steep as during my last session, otherwise I would never have made it through to the end. In fact I needed to take the occasional "break at running pace" for a minute or so. It might be my "parkrun" and afternoon walk of yesterday that made the difference, but I suppose 25 minutes straight is always going to be hard compared to intervals not done absolutely flat-out.

I'm approximately back at the point where I fell off the horse, then. From here on, just as with c25k, I'll build up to 30 minutes bit by bit, and then settle that for a while. Afterwards? Begin to properly explore the world of spin, to the extent that it's different to running, I suppose. Starting to clock up some good distances on a bicycle is a really attractive proposition. Get fit enough (and we're not talking ironman levels) and a bicycle can become your primary means of transport. First there's range, and then later one could even work on power, and get panniers or a bicycle trailer. Maybe that's the kind of future vision to be scheming out.

So I'd better start lobbying the city council for some cycle lanes?

(BTW, I think I might not be getting notifications, so if it appears that I'm not replying to a reply of yours, I just haven't seen it. Does anyone else have a similar problem?)

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Yes, no notifications at the moment. Guess they might have switched them off for the time being, because they kept causing the site to freeze.

Congratulations on the spinning, you seem to be doing brilliantly, and I love that you're already planning what's next :)


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