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Off for 3 weeks but now back in the groove.... at 3km

I had graduated back in January 2015, then in May was diagnosed with a vestibular - balance disorder - plus a thing called silent migraine, so was only running for 4km; having stopped in late July - August and concentrated on getting back to work, have now managed 3 1/2 km non stop, and have set myself a target of running 5km by end Sept.

Has anyone else come across running with vestibular or migraines?

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I have had Labrynthitis for 6 years and suffer from cluster headaches ( in remission now for a year)- and C25K is the best thing I ever did!! I used to love Pilates but it sets off the vertigo so had to stop that. I don't have any problems with running though and I'm sure it's helping to keep the headaches at bay. I dont have too much of a problem with vision and so can't comment on that. Well done for getting back to running-sounds like you have a good plan aiming for September.


Thank you - I got told the other week by my bosses boss that I should not be running but cycling, and felt somewhat aggrieved by this.

Putting aside the fact I don't own a bike, and that I feel good after a run, I felt that it was not doing me any harm and if anything I feel better after a run dizziness wise - because of the dizziness I stop before I cross the road and turn carefully to make sure I can see any traffic/am not dizzy.

I don't get the headaches but many of the other symptoms of migraine, the more regularly I run the better I feel.


I usually run where there are a few people - walking dogs, fishing etc. just in case - but I've never encountered a problem up to now- I have a bike and have cycled occasionally but the town cycle paths are very isolated, so I only ride if I've got company and I'm too scared to ride on the roads because of the traffic- and at least it's not as far to fall if your running!!


I've suffered with labrynthitis / vestibular neuronitis for the last 10 years on and off. It usually strikes when I've had a viral infection. I get the bug that's going round the office, feel naff for a few days, then as it starts to go I get the dizziness and end up with two to three weeks off work as I can't drive, walk anywhere or look at a computer screen.


Since starting running I've only had one episode and it's seemed less severe. Not sure if I've been lucky or if I'm fitter so it was less severe. (Or if my mental outlook has changed in some way so I dealt with it better???)

Still took some time off the running while I was dizzy as movement upset it. Not sure cycling would have been any better though.

No experience with migraines. Well done for keeping going. Sounds like a tough combo to deal with.


Thank you for your words of encouragement, I agree going running when dizzy is not wise and also that cycling is probably no better than running and would be difficult for me to fit in during the week.


Finally did the CityvWharf 5k run this week and got a personal best at 5k plus my best 1k split time, thanks for all the support. Whow!


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