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Site seems glitchy these last few days

Is it just me or does the site seem a bit glitchy recently?

When I click on the little notifications bell, it often doesn't show anything, and when it does, if I click on the links then it just sits there doing nothing.

Also, I often need to close the site and re enter it in order to look at one post after another, otherwise it just sits there doing nothing.

To begin with I wondered if it was just me. But I've connected on several PCs at several different locations, and I have the same problem. Anyone else got the same thing?

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Just tried Google Chrome instead of Explorer, just the same :(


It is strange lately, seems jumpy 😀


I've been noticing that too, click on the notifications icon, nothing happens. I have found that if I then refresh the page the notifications appear, but it does seem that the site has problems!


It looks like this is a periodical issue. I've noticed it's started up again, too. Here's a little kludge to help you see your notifications:

1. Click the Bell. Nothing will appear to happen.

2. Click your browser's refresh button (or F5? I forget the F key).

3. Now the instruction to paint the notifications to your screen will be sent, and you'll see them.


When you click on things, the browser window changes but the page doesn't load. If you click on the browser line and press enter, or click refresh /F5 like roseabi and gary-bart say, then it all loads up fine.

But this isn't the first time I've noticed this issue. Often I find getting off my bum and doing something more productive than surfing the net solves the issue :D


yup same Zev , think someone else posted the same as well

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