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10k training

I'm due to do my first 10k race on 20th September. I decided to try an Asics plan to give me a bit of structure. I had already managed the 10km distance but I wanted to see if I could get a bit quicker. Well it was going OK - I was a bit behind the pace on the plan but not too bad & I was doing the distances ... until today. I did 10km on Monday & 5km on Thursday. Today was supposed to be another 10km but at 7km I was worn out & definitely not enjoying it so I stopped. My pace wasn't that brilliant so it wasn't as if I had gone to fast earlier. Has anyone else gone through this? The plan calls for another 10km on Monday. Right now I don't think I could do it.

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I am not an expert on plans, having avoided them so far (apart from C25k of course), but that seems like a lot of 10k running for a 10k plan, unless it really is meant specifically for improving time significantly. It might be worth doing the next one as a slow long run rather than trying to keep a fast pace up for the distance. The only thing I can say from experience (which is still quite shortlived) that doing a longer, but deliberately slower run, seems to have improved both my stamina and my speed when I aim for a faster run.

Good luck!

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I didn't get on with the Asics plans at all. The distances it wanted me to do 3 times a week seemed excessive to me. After C25k I told how long it took me to to do 5k and it came up with a ridiculous plan that involved ramping straight to 7k and running 8km three times a week just a couple of weeks later. It seemed to go against all the 10% increase rule you hear all the time and all the runs were 'long' runs.

Surely it's not necessary to be running that many 10km with only a fortnight to go.


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