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Sore knees- advice please

Feeling so great and proud of myself.week 2 completed and I managed it!!!! However, woke up today and was virtually incapable of walking down the stairs. Horrendous pain at the top of my right knee and it's not eased off. Tried ibuprofen gel but it's not done much. Any advice would be gratefully received as I won't be able to go out tomorrow and I don't want to lose my momentum now I've got to week 3!!! Feeling gutted 😢

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Ive had sore knees of late, but they are ok again now. First, I would take a couple of days rest, apparently most knee problems are because the knees are not supported by the muscles enough, maybe think of strengthening the leg muscles. If you consider swimming, I wouldn't do breaststroke. If you press around and squeal it will give an indication if it is cartilage or ligament problem. I had just stretched my ligament I think, I did however visit a physio.


Remember that your "body building" happens in rest days. If your body asks you for more of those, give them to it. It's actually where you get your gains (the runs are just provocation of that healing; it's the healing that increases your fitness).


One possibility maybe that your knee joints aren't aligned properly as a result of pronating feet (either overpronating or supinating) . This was certainly the case for me - 20 years ago I took up running after a 4 year break and had a similar experience to you and had to stop after 1 month. Wasn't doing much - only 4km a couple of times a week for a month.

Fast forward 20 years (no running or any regular exercise during that time)m, during which I've always had dodgy knees and my GP recommended a physiotherapist. On my 1st appointment with he, she immediately identified me a being very "wonky" - misaligned! This explained by knee problems I'd been having. I now have custom-made orthotics (in-soles) and I haven't looked back. Knees feel great, I've "graduated" and I'm running 3 times a week :-)

Good luck!



Hopefully in your case it's just new runners knee and a rest for a day or two will sort it out

I used to describe these painful mornings on rising and trying to walk downstairs as being like Frankenstein's monster. It will pass as your body gets stronger. You could do some work on your strength on your rest days. Cycling, walking, swimming, some home or gym based exercises would help


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