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For anyone who needs encouragement


Hi everyone. I haven't posted here for quite a while but I'm still around and more importantly still running :-)

This time last year I was obese and told my blood pressure was high but being a stubborn soul refused medication. Nothing much changed until in May I discovered C25K. I had a very slow, painful start but stuck with it. A year on I am 4 stone lighter, my blood pressure is normal and I have so much more energy.

I still haven't achieved 5km in 30 minutes but on Sunday managed it in 33mins 55 secs but my first attempt took 46 mins 28 secs. Nor have I reached a distance of 10km but I have extended my running capability to 7.1km. However, for a girl who failed to run 400 mtrs at school, many many moons ago, without stopping for a breather this is quite impressive.

I have run in snow (well sleet if I'm being totally honest!), rain, frost, the dark and this morning gusty winds. As I turned onto a sheltered path, grateful for some respite, I spotted the shadow of a runner in the early morning sun and do you know what that runner was me! :-)

So for anyone just starting, thinking about having a go, or simply struggling. Stick with it, go for it and enjoy. Coz if I can anyone can.

Happy running to you all :-)

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"I spotted the shadow of a runner...and do you know what that runner was me!"

This is truly the most wonderful post OldPossum. Every up and down, high and low, the struggles, the successes, all wrapped up in that shadow.

Inspirational. Truly. 😊

OldPossum in reply to McFitty

Thanks. How are you getting on McFitty ?

McFittyGraduate in reply to OldPossum

Not as well as you! 😁But hanging on in there!

OldPossum in reply to McFitty

I bet you are doing better than you are letting on 😀😀

McFittyGraduate in reply to OldPossum

I do wish that were the case! Littlest pooch had her knee replaced early Jan. 6 weeks crate rest became 12, with constant monitoring. I'm getting out as and when but it's a bit hit and miss at the moment. Get this... I even resorted to an old Jane Fonda workout on YouTube the other day😂😂😂

OldPossum in reply to McFitty

Blimey. Isn't that the old mantra of "no pain no gain"! You're a very brave woman 👏

Really sorry to hear about your little pooch. I hate it when they are poorly, you always feel so helpless. I hope she is recovering well.

McFittyGraduate in reply to OldPossum

She's beginning to put some weight on it and final xrays in a couple of weeks😊

I should be okay for the next blindfold run😆

OldPossum in reply to McFitty

Aaaaagh!!! Fazzical has gone back to the beginning and started all over again. Only outside this time not in his hamster wheel 😀

Hello OldPossum. How lovely to see you back here again and what a great post! It's brilliant that you're still running and obviously loving it. Big congratulations on the weight loss too - 👏👏👏

Thanks. The running has actually made me want to eat better. Can't run if the body is not filled with the right fuel. Whoever would have thought it 😳


Fabulous and inspirational post. Well done on your many achievements.... :)

Marvellous - a really good read. Well done!!


Great post. Similar story to mine ! Although when I started C25K about April ish ! (Can never remember when I started) only had about 1 1/2 stone to lose.

and Well done for getting out in this weather. Sorry I couldn't resist saying this when you mentioned "Shadows". you could say "you are a shadow of your former self" . But in a good way weight wise !!

OldPossum in reply to Hidden

I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. 😀


I wondered where you had gone!!! Here you are.. lovely to have you back :)

You have had a great journey and still here and sounding great.. keep posting? It is lovely to hear how we are all dong as we move on.. I made 10K, eventually, not intentionally but just running steadily and having fun... ( like you) I am still rambling in my posts too, although not as much... new granddaughter keeps me busy! The runs still three times a week and loads of walking!!!!!

The shadow that is you, looks pretty good.. welcomeback :) x

OldPossum in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss I had spotted your 10k post. Very impressive. Am so glad you are enjoying your granddaughter. 😀


Fantastic post, very inspirational :)

Have you lost the weight just by running and eating healthier? Whatever the route... it has worked and Well done OldPossum - A lovely read.

Yep. Just running and healthy eating - no faddy diets. Of course the really hard part comes now - I have to keep the weight off 😱


Beautiful post OldPossum truly inspirational.


What a wonderful post! Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.

Love this. Way to go!!

Hi there. Great to hear from you again, what an inspirational post, but then you always did. write lovely posts. Happy running.


What a fantastic achievement, and what an inspirational post! Well done :)

Hi @oldpossum

Like you I have neglected this forum, but it is interesting to see we are both upto about 7k. I am still not quite down to a 35 minute 5k though, but really happy with what I am doing. Running three times a week.

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