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It seems I joined two years ago I wrote my first post last week, well that's tortoise pace!

I am currently running 9 miles a week doing three, three mile runs, I am planning to run a half marathon sometime next year for a charity that is close to my heart. Has anyone done one an half marathon? I would love some training tips I feel it is time to pull away from the three mile mark now but I don't want to do too much and set my self back.

How do you guys find running every two days or every other day?

I don't know anyone else who runs so I thought I would try and get a conversation rolling here...


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I'm training for a HM in October. I graduated at the end of March. My training plan has me running five times most weeks. Last Sunday I ran 18Km, so I reckon I'm ok for the HM distance. Generally I'm fine with the workload, though on Wednesday, after a Parkrun Saturday, the 18k on Sunday, and training runs Tuesday and Wednesday, I was really feeling it, and glad of two rest days Thursday and Friday. I ran Parkrun this morning.

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Your way in front of me fella and power to you. I have had tendon trouble in the past so I am pushing forward a little at a time, I think its just a matter of getting stronger rather than a big tendon issue but its all good up to now.


There are loads of training plans out there, but they all seem to be variations on a theme.

1. do a longer slow run each week, probably increasing by 1km per week at first and a bit more toward the end

2. one run is a mixture of either hills or intervals

3. 1 or 2 5k runs. If you do 2 5k runs one should be hard the other easy.

Also do some whole body weight lifting exercises on non-running days such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, press-ups, and I was told to do clean and press, which I hate, but I was told was "mandatory".

Then take a break once in a while - drop the long run or even take a week off.

Probably aim at 10k first and get used to that then go on for the HM.

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