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First Run Without Laura

So this morning a set off not quite sure what to expect, I decided to do my warm up walk with no music on but did find my self walking down the road singing that bloody Julie song to my self! Got to about my 5 min point and turned my music on and off I went, got to my first 1k mark and noticed i wasn't told by my app, so and get this checked my phone and sorted it out with out stopping, I carried on going thinking I was going really slow but to be told 1k later that I was going faster then i thought.

So I slowed down a little to make sure I didn't tire myself out and managed to get to the end of my run, when i got home and checked my other app, yeah over kill I know, I had run further and faster then I ever have.

I did miss our Laura though but really had fun with my own tunes and lots of people being friendly and saying hello this morning, the still drinking from last night couple of kids staggering up the road did make me chuckle though.

Need to build up to 5k now but I know i will get there now :)

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First run without Laura is strange

But congratulations on the distance and speed


It was really strange but i did enjoy listening to my own music

Thank you

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Yeah have to agree first time is weird I went onto my music for a while then completely chucked heaphones off bought a garmin and run to the sound of the cows, sheep and birdies I love it :)xx Enjoy xx


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