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Who Have you Inspired/Talked in to trying C25K?

I hadn't realised how much I had been talking about how much I love going running until I counted up the number of people who have tried C25k since I mentioned to them how good it makes me feel.

Quick list:



2 of my brothers


One of the guys at work

A friend

I think I need to keep the running talk to a minimum I think I am starting to bore people :)

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Well done .... that's great!

I've convinced 3 ladies at work; 1 has since given up and the other 2 are slowly making their way to graduation.

I inspired hubby to start running too

I am most proud of my mum though as she is the one that did the whole programme and is still running regularly. She's gone from zero activity to being a runner and turned 60 too. So proud of her ☺


I regularly badger a cousin of mine in Germany to take up running. Trouble is he spends 10 hours a day driving trucks, so more time on roads is technically not something he wants in his life (although I now just realise he's pulling a fast one with that claim, because he spends the entire weekend riding round and round winding roads on a motorbike.)

His sister is here tonight, and she sounds like she might give this running thing a bash. She probably notices how much less cruel and violent I've become since taking it up, and we have similar personalities, so she's already telling me, "If you can do it, I can." ... Hey! That's *my* line!

But seriously, I hope she does, and then between us we can increase the pressure on her little brother until he cracks, and sets out, weeping bitter tears, on these unforgiving pavements we pound.


LOL, I too have become a running bore.



All my golfing buddies have had a gutfull of C25K chat !

I know that I am starting to bore them too !! It would be great if one of them took it up though.

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Absolutely nobody :( It's not because I don't talk about it, though... Maybe I need to review my sales pitch :D

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Me neither, not one, although several have said they would..

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I am re-running the early weeks with my son.

C25K is great and I don't mind extolling it's virtues.

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