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Week 6, run 2 completed

Just back from my run, can't believe I am on week 6 though, time has gone so fast! 2 x 10 minute runs was ok because I took it slow and steady and have found a big playing field with 2 levels so can run 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom.

Surprised that I am now able to cope with a small hill too without crippling pain in my calves. When the pain comes, I consciously relax my calves and the pain seems to go more quickly and that is helping a lot.

Two large dogs decided I was mildly interesting, after they had chased a squirrel, I was the only moving object on the field, they could have outrun me ten times over, the owner said they never tire, unlike me!

Now all I have to do is a 25 minute run on Friday and feels like the home run to week 9!

Home now and a little weary but notice I recover reasonably quickly and will try to resist the urge to power nap today. Bit frustrated that this week despite eating well, have not even lost one pound, so glad I have my fitness to distract me from scale obsessions!


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well done :) it s great to notice the improvements as you go along the program :D all down to your hard work


That's one of the surprising things about c25k: Progress is quite quick, considering where we start. Looks like your plan is well on track. I've read that the idea that muscle weight replaces fat weight is generally not completely right (the amount of muscle we gain from exercise is small), but I think with running you're adding muscle weight to your legs, which are the biggest muscles by far, and that it has an effect. So part of what's making your scales stand still is that you're replacing lost fat with muscle. It's good to be keeping a steady weight, then, because it's due to rapid muscle growth. (As long as you're not getting heavier, you're probably slowly winning ground, then.)

Sounds like you had fun, anyway. Squirrels, friendly dogs, friendly strangers, nice big sky overhead ...


Brilliant. The scales lie - do not believ a word they say!!

Sounds like it's all coming together - who would have guessed you'd be looking forward to a 25 minute run just 6 weeks after starting this programme! I did week 7 run 1 this morning and still walking on air :-) x


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