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Week 2 Under the Weather

So completed week one and learnt the following. Its easier to run in the morning before you get tired. Its a lot harder to run the warmer it is. So I did the first run four times and I'm not convinced the last one was any easier but that was the warmest most humid day. But I did it. Today I need to start week 2, I'm not sick but I'm not 100%, bit of a sore throat, bit chesty and looking for excuses :-(. However my health and fitness journey has taught me that sometimes you just need to man up and get on with it. So I'll go out after work and see how I go. I'll listen to my body and if I can't cope I'll go for a long walk instead, At least I'm moving. Its the mindset that is the hardest thing to master with any health and fitness programme I am learning. But I'm getting there, however slowly. :-)

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Getting there, yes you are. As you say, as long as you're moving, you're making progress. Hope you have a great run (or at least a nice, satisfied feeling once Laura has stopped asking you do do crazy stuff).

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Keep going Rachy take it slow and enjoy when you can 😀 this plan works and there are many on here who offer support and guidance x we've all been where you are and it's great each time you progress and achieve the next goal you go girl xx

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Go out! Whatever you do will be better than sitting on the settee, even if you can't obey Laura's every instruction.

Good luck!


I mainly run in the evenings after work and to be honest it's a struggle just to get my kit on , let alone go out and run !

I'm on w6 and I've only managed 2 runs in the morning since I began. But if I had the choice I'd choose the morning every time, I felt so much better for it and they set me up for the day.

However just getting out there at any time makes the difference so keep going and you will be amazed with every achievement you gain .


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