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Week 2 day 1

So far off to a bad start.

Set my alarm for 6:30 to be up and out before anyone else. The alarm went off, I decided to turn it off and went back to sleep. I was still awake at 4:30am mind you! Woke up with a fright at 7am so thought I'll just got out now. Got ready as quietly and as quickly as possible. Hard to do when everything in the house creaks!!! Finally made it downstairs, finished my morning wee. (Sorry for TMI) washing my hands and the 7year old opened the bathroom door. Morning mummy!!! Oh Morning!!! great that's my run out of the window for this morning I thought! No it isn't!! I gave the little one her breakfast and decided to go out. (Husband still upstairs)

I am pleased I went out although it was/is pouring down. Got to 11minutes left on the podcast and Laura decided she didn't like the rain and stopped working. Ahhhh!!!!! Second time in 2runs so frustrating. So I decided I will just use the timer on my phone and carry on. So did 3more 90 second runs with a 2minute walk in between 2 of the runs and then the 5minute cool down walk home.

I am soaked right through but pleased I went out and the rain really helped to keep me cool.

Sorry for the long post. Toni.

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Well done for persisting, and for on the fly improvising a solution like that. And thanks for the nice long post. :-)


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